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Always New and Exciting Content

Each month, we start three new Dash Topics, so you're always engaged and learning new and interesting photograpy subjects.

Month Dash Stream 1 Dash Stream 2 Dash Stream 3
June Recreate This Photo Animals / Wildlife* Portrait Lighting
The Dash will finish at the end of June

* Repeat of previously run Dash topic but with different beginner, intermediate, and advanced challenges to keep you experimenting and to provide a different perspective on the content.

Three Concurrent Streams

The Dash consists of three concurrent streams, each covering a different topic. Participate in one, two, or all three streams each month.

switch streams

Switch Between Streams

Pick and choose! At the start of each month, you'll be able to switch to a different stream. Start in Stream 1, then switch to stream 2 and 3 before returning to stream 1! The ultimate in flexibility.

Dash Blend - The Perfect Mix

The “Dash Blend” topics offer a mixture of topics. Are you not sure what type of photography you like creating? Maybe you’re up to trying something new. The Dash Blends are perfect. You’ll understand how to take photos of lots of different subjects and I’ll let you in on countless ‘tricks of the trade’ to make it all easy and fun. There are six Blends (A-F) each with a different set of topics.

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Revisit as often as you want!

None of the content I send to you is locked away. You'll be able to revisit as often as you need to - perfect for picking up extra techniques you may have missed the first time around! Even if you decide to pause or cancel your Dash experience.

Still have questions?

See my Frequently Asked Questions

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