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The Dash is an ongoing photography course. Get new insights into your camera with the course material sent six, four or two times a week (your choice). Take great images almost 'by osmosis' by spending 30 minutes completing a photo experiment.

Inspiration From Others

Share your progress with hundreds of other participants in our private Dash community. Receive feedback and ask questions from our team.

For Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Photographers

With step by step instructions, extra tips, 'cheat sheets' and advanced challenges, The Dash has something for photographers of all levels.

Take Amazing Photos Like These
Taken By Dash Participants

  • Diana Miller - Visual Design
  • Norma Nieves - Wild Flowers
  • Sylvia Mckenzie - Long Exposure
  • Jane Naliboff - Visual Design
  • Gail Schulz - Wild Flowers
  • Darryl Allen - Long Exposure
  • Jenny Powell - Visual Design
  • Sylvia Mcgregor - Wild Flowers
  • Janet Cook - Long Exposure
  • Remedios ( Rem ) Lopez - Visual Design
  • Gloria Gathercole - Wild Flowers
  • John Wilkinson - Long Exposure
  • Mary Whipple - Visual Design
  • Cath Longley - Wild Flowers
  • Jill Jasuta - Long Exposure
  • Anne Rasmussen - Visual Design
  • Joan Trask - Wild Flowers
  • Robyn Gleeson - Long Exposure
  • Joseen Jack - Visual Design
  • Mary June Clancy - Wild Flowers
  • Debbie Howard - Long Exposure
  • Diane O`brien - Visual Design
  • Vickie Deaton - Wild Flowers
  • Peggy Armstrong - Long Exposure

Choose From Three Simultaneous Streams
New Topics Every Month

Stream 1
March Topic:

A complete guide to photographing wildflowers.

Stream 2
March Topic:
Long Exposure Photography

Leave the shutter open to create truly imaginative photos

Stream 3
March Topic:
Visual Design

The six design principles for visually striking photographs

Birds, Street Photography, Weather, Celebrations, Sunsets, How to Critique, Recreate This Photo, Animals/Wildlife, Portrait Lighting and lots more!

"David Peterson’s Dash is the most worthwhile thing that I have done in Photography. The learning exercises were wonderful and I learned more in two weeks than the last 15 years of reading and not really practicing. His reading material is excellent. He is a wonderful teacher. The course was well thought out. If you love Photography be sure to do Dash!"

— Gwen Cobb

"A well constructed course with varying subject matters, with plenty of reference information to use as a guide. I learnt a lot of new techniques which I have not attempted to use before. I would recommend this course to others, and would sign up again for similar courses in the future. Many thanks."

— James   |   Hastings UK

"I have loved this course, everything about it from the price and the other members to the lessons and principles about photography have been wonderful. Clear and understandable and absolutely packed with information it was eye opening and enlightening for me. It’s pushed me to try new things, to conquer my fear of tech and has improved the way I see things. Thank you David it’s been a great experience."

— Stephanie Bottaro

"I am very pleased with this course. David has generously been teaching all of his deep knowledge and also been sharing an enormous quantity of articles connected to the [twice weekly] topics. I already knew a lot thanks to membership in a photoclub, workshops and discussions on Fb but this professional teaching, one topic at the time, in an understandable way is completing my knowledge."

— Tua Rahikainen   |   Finland

"David is a great teacher, very thorough and always willing to help if you need it. If you are in doubt about taking any of his courses, just jump in and do it. You won’t be sorry. Reasonable prices as compared to other online courses."

— Sandra Rumbley  |   Birmingham, AL

"The Photography Dash was very helpful in progressing my photography to the next level. It was great to be connected to a wonderful photography community. I highly recommend you give the dash a try."

— Sharon Brewster   |   Richmond Hill, GA

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