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A complete guide to photographing wildflowers.

Wildflowers are colorful, delicate and determined, almost like tiny versions of our best selves. As kids, we picked them and presented our parents and neighbors in wild, colorful bouquets. As adults, when we see them from the road, we’ll often stop to admire them. And for the photographically inclined, we love to take pictures of them.

Wildflowers are not difficult to photograph if you know all the tricks. This month, I'll show you how to ensure your tiny subjects are in focus, how to keep clutter at bay, how to create a striking wildflower image; and how to make sure the flowers look as brilliant in your image as they do in real life.

After this course, your wildflower photos will look as beautiful and impressive as those you've admired on Flickr or in your favorite photography magazine.

Wildflowers Course Content

  • Day 1: Wildflower Introduction
  • Day 2: Composition
  • Day 3: Light and Exposure
  • Day 4: Color
  • Day 5: Fields of Flowers
  • Day 6: Up-close: Macro Shots
  • Day 7: Troubleshooting
  • Day 8: Insects and Abstractions

Take amazing wildflower images like these!

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