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Faithfully capture all of life's special occasions.

Some things in life are special. Weddings and birthday parties and bar mitzvahs - these are the events that we most often want to capture with our cameras.

But sometimes the problem with these events is that even though they are special, photos of them may turn out to be quite mundane. Photographing celebrations requires creativity and thought, so you can really capture the sense of what it was like to be there, rather than just documenting the event.

Photographing Celebrations Course Content

  • Day 1: Introduction: What you need and the importance of getting it right
  • Day 2: Outdoor celebrations: How time of day, location and activity will impact your results
  • Day 3: Indoor celebrations: Why your pop-up flash isn't the best tool for low light photography
  • Day 4: It's about more than just the event: How to create a story
  • Day 5: Hands, feet and wrapping paper: How to shoot the details
  • Day 6: To pose or not to pose: Shooting portraits and candid moments
  • Day 7: Troubleshooting: motion blur, chaos, and grumpy subjects
  • Day 8: Be creative: Think outside the birthday cake (edited)
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