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Visual Design

The seven design principles for visually striking photographs

The title of this course, Visual Design, sounds more like something you'd take at your local community college. But here's the thing: photography IS visual design.

This month, we'll use those same time-tested elements - used over the centuries to create paintings, drawings and visual art - to our photographs..

You'll receive a solid understanding of what kinds of images appeal to the typical photographic viewer and how you can capture the most compelling scene possible.

Master the Seven Elements of Visually Stunning Images

Visual Design Course Content

  • Day 1: Introduction to Visual Design
  • Day 2: Line
  • Day 3: Texture
  • Day 4: Color
  • Day 5: Pattern
  • Day 6: Shape
  • Day 7: Form
  • Day 8: Space

The seven ideas we'll be covering this month

Line - Line creates visual interest, but it also creates depth. A well-placed line can help draw your viewer's eye into an image, and also encourage it to spend some time there, roaming around from foreground to background and from left to right.

Pattern - Pattern is to the eyes as music is to the ears - it's rhythmic and harmonious, and it invites deeper participation in the artistic experience. Image Source

Shape - Shape is the two dimensional version of an object. It is an outline, such as a silhouetted windmill at sunset or the featureless profile of a person's face.Image Source

Space - Sometimes, subjects needed to be free, which means that they need to be given plenty of space in which to exist and in which to move around.

Color - Color is something we often see but don't always notice. Color is great at making people feel - warm colors can create a happy, optimistic mood while cooler colors feel peaceful and tranquil, even gloomy depending on the context. Image Source

Texture - Texture is what gives objects substance. A perfectly smooth, round, sphere may have a certain visual interest, but next to a sphere with texture - an old baseball, for example, or an orange - the smooth, round sphere is the visual loser. Image Source

Form - Form is very similar to shape in that it has to do with the lines of a subject, but when you're considering form you are also considering the object's three dimensional qualities.

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