Techniques for capturing incredible images of birds.

For beginning photographers, photographing birds can seem really challenging. Birds are fast, and often too far away to capture with a regular camera. This month, I'll show you exactly how to take simply stunning photos of our feathered friends by giving you a good understanding of your subject, explaining the equipment you'll need, and providing a plan to capture those gorgeous shots.

I'll show you the key techniques for capturing magnificent images of birds.

Birds Course Content

  • Day 1: Introduction to bird photography: what you need
  • Day 2: Know your subject: how understanding the habits of a species can help you get better photos
  • Day 3: The right time of day: It's about more than just the light
  • Day 4: Composition: Framing, perspective and depth of field
  • Day 5: Birds on the ground (or in the water): Photographing slower moving animals
  • Day 6: Birds in flight: How to capture fast moving birds on the wing
  • Day 7: Troubleshooting: Spooky subjects, motion blur and getting close enough
  • Day 8: Storytelling: Look for drama and emotion

Take amazing bird images like these!

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