Street Photography

Tips, tricks and techniques for consistently meaningful and stunning street shots.

What is Street Photography?

Street photography is a special type of photography that features subjects in candid situations in public places. Usually these images are mirror images of society usually with unaware subjects. A street photo must have an urban element to it. It must be on-site. And it should be spontaneous and genuine.

Street photography is also tremendously rewarding! You'll see results with a spontaneity and impulsiveness you will never get in a studio or with your family. Telling a story with one photo of people you meet in the street can be a real art. Street photos tell so much yet still keep some secrets. That's what makes your viewer think about life.

You have a lot of freedom with street photography. You can choose to be invisible, or you can get involved and engaged with your subjects - making friends at the same time!

In this Street Photography Dash, I'll show you the essence of Street Photography. I'll provide techniques to help you get out and about - even if you are apprehensive about photographing strangers. I'll explain what's permissible when photographing on the street, and what you need to steer clear of.

Street Photography Course Content

  • 1. Intro to Street Photography
  • 2. Finding your Subjects
  • 3. Overcoming your Fears
  • 4. Moving subjects: People
  • 5. Static subjects: Urban Landscapes and Found Objects
  • 6. Spotting the Moment: Capturing Emotion
  • 7. Composition
  • 8. The Art of Exclusion

In Detail

We've captured this street performer in mid-routine and at this specific moment to highlight the exaggerated actions of his routine.

This image evokes some powerful emotions. We've used composition, the art of exclusion, and black and white to emphasize the feeling of loneliness and despair.

When your eye is open to unique events, you'll start seeing images like the above all around with a painted boy 'riding' a real bike.

Intro to Street Photography - First up, I'll give an overview of Street Photography along with some safety tips to get started, and some tricks for overcoming any fears you might have with photographing strangers.

Finding your Subjects - Today, I'll provide plenty of ideas for places to go to get the best street photographs. Interestingly, it's usually the opposite of what common sense tells you!

Overcoming your Fears - I know. It's a big thing to go outside your comfort zone and ask strangers if you can photograph them. However, it's really easy to do once you know these easy techniques for engaging people. And you'll get some amazing photos for your trouble.

Moving subjects: People - In street photography, you're aiming to capture a stranger's personality in your photo. Today, I'll show how to recognize someone's unique personality, and how to make sure that uniqueness shines through in your photo. We'll also talk about using Black and White to emphasize portraits.

Static subjects: Urban Landscapes and Found Objects - There are slightly different 'rules' for photographing static subjects in street photography. I'll show you the best composition tricks so your photo still looks like a 'street' photo rather than an ordinary landscape or product shot.

Spotting the Moment: Capturing Emotion - In candid street photography, the right moment can make or break your photo. A second too late and you've lost the moment. Today, we'll see how to anticipate the action, so your shutter clicks at just the right time.

Composition - Part of the appeal of street photography is the urban backdrop. You can use composition to your advantage here to add geometric elements and strong shapes that will make your image much more powerful.

The Art of Exclusion - Sometimes there's too much going on in your photo. In the art of exclusion, you'll use techniques like focal points and depth of field to eliminate distractions so you can capture just the essence of the emotion.