Photographing Weather

Capture Weather Photographs Like a Professional

We love to talk about the weather, but we don't usually love to be out in it. This month I hope to change all of that. I hope you'll stop viewing bad weather as a reason to hide under the covers or sit by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. I hope you'll start thinking about it not as an opportunity for avoidance, but as an opportunity for some wonderful photography.

Photographing Weather Course Content

  • Day 1: Introduction to weather photography: what you need and how to protect it (and yourself)
  • Day 2: Sunny days: the challenges of taking photos in perfect weather
  • Day 3: Dramatic skies: How to capture cloudscapes
  • Day 4: Falling rain: Shoot it while it's coming down
  • Day 5: Fog: Capturing the surreal world of a foggy day
  • Day 6: Snow: Shooting storms and the aftermath
  • Day 7: Wind: How to capture the action of wind with a still camera
  • Day 8: Troubleshooting: exposure, shutter speed and other challenges

Take amazing weather images like these!

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