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Now that you’re on your way with the Dash… How Would You Like A Shortcut To Hyper-Accelerate Your Photography Skills, Ensure Long Term Results, And Do It All Effortlessly?

Now, don’t get me wrong. The Dash is about to change your photography forever. But this is different. This is for ultra committed people who want an even faster track to better photographs.

Get Guaranteed Professional Feedback

Take your photos from ‘mediocre’ to ‘spectacular’ with the Gold or Platinum level of the Dash.

You’ll receive professional feedback of the photos you create during the Dash. Reinforcing what you do right, and details on how to fix anything you did wrong.

How would it feel to have an expert sitting ‘by your side’ – someone in your court who reinforces what you do right, and gives you details on how to fix anything you did wrong. You’ll get advice exactly in the areas you need it. And have heaps of fun in the process. You’ll have a chance to take their advice and upload a new image.

In the Gold level, I’ll match you with a professional photographer who will give you thoughtful and honest critiques of each of the 8 photos you upload.

In the Platinum level, you’ll receive critiques from two professionals on each of your 8 photos. You’ll receive multiple viewpoints each with a unique perspective on your image.

A big thank you to David and his team, since starting the first dash I feel that I have come a long way. After reading a lot of books on photography and being on some other internet sites I have to say this is absolutely the best.

I belong to the gold/platinum and I encourage anyone thinking about joining either one to jump in and do it, I don’t think you will be disappointed, for me personally not only David’s teaching but the feedback from the critiques has been invaluable. This photo was taken in full manual using a 70-300 mm lens @ 300mm 1/250 sec f7.1 ISO 200 manual focus and spot meter. I really think it represents what I have learned.

— Susan Moody, Florida, USA

All For Less Than A Coffee A Day

Upgrade to the Gold Edition for only $79. That’s less than $3/day for professional feedback on your very own images.

Platinum is priced at a very reasonable $159 and includes comprehensive critiques from two professional photographers. Two critiques on each of your images. We’ll work directly with you to improve your photography with hints, tricks, and encouragement exactly when you need it.

Choose from the following:

No, thanks. I only want to participate in the standard Dash.

Meet Your Professional Photographer Coaches

I’ve put together a team of three brilliant coaches who to help you on your journey. They are all professional photographers who already have successful businesses.

Julia Harwood

Julia Harwood lives near Perth, Australia, is a member of the Australian Photography Society, and is an expert at nature photography and landscapes. She has won several competitions and her images have been used for interior design, calendars, greeting cards, tee shirts and fine art. She has donated some of her images to Hospitals in Italy, Croatia and other locations.

Becki Robins

Becki Robins is a Californian who has a strong background in photography including an associate in arts degree in commercial photography. She has been a hobby and professional photographer for more than a decade and has taken thousands of photos, some of which have been published and won awards. Becki is also an excellent writer with plenty of experience. As well as being a coach, Becki will be writing the extra weekly in-depth articles in The Dash.

Cameron Mitchell

Cameron Mitchell is based in the South West of England. He has owned and managed two studios and had images exhibited in galleries throughout the U.K. Cameron combines his passion for photography with that for teaching (both online and in person) and has been one of David’s trusted experts on the (now superseded) Digital Photo Secrets Q&A board. He relishes teaching people how to make the most of their cameras and how to improvise using everyday equipment. His photographs cover a diverse spectrum but he particularly enjoys landscape, macro and quirky image creation.

Fantastic Training for Pennies on the Dollar

How much would it cost to hire a professional photographer to review your portfolio? It won’t be cheap. Any professional who’s been in the business for a few years charges around $100 per hour for their services. You take lots of photos and have them all reviewed at once. And in that hour, you can’t listen to them properly as you’ll need to be taking notes so you can remember it all later.

With the Dash, you’ll receive a written review on each of the 8 topic images you upload. You’ll be able to take their advice and re-shoot the photo, or you can use it to help the image you take for the next topic. Learn at your own pace from your own home.

This was the most amazing experience. I have learnt so much in a relatively short period of time and am constantly in awe of how much happier I am with my photography. Uploading photos to a community that you trust, knowing that they are following the same path, and the constant support cannot be measured and we all benefit in so many different ways. Thank you David and Julia.

— Jane Simpkinson

Just One Example

Here’s just one example of how a coach can make a huge difference. Eris Parker enrolled for critiques in the Gold edition of the Christmas Dash, and produced some stunning images during the course. This was her first attempt on Day 2 of the Christmas Dash:

Eris wrote:

“The Essence of Christmas. Eat chocolate. Recycle the wrappers and make a boutonnière. Photograph with sprinkles.”

Here’s her coach’s critique:

Eris, I wish I had your creativity! I love that you selected something so unusual for your details submission.

I would really like to see a little more dimension to this image. The photo is a little flat, and that is causing some of the great detail to get lost. I think I see red sprigs coming up from the center, but without a tweak to the camera angle or the lighting, it’s really hard to tell. I think you got a lot of things right in this photo, and I can see how far you have come in just a few short days, but there are still some tweaks to be made.

The lighting: This photo could have really “popped” with a little change in the lighting. A single directional light coming from any of the 4 corners of the image would have gone a long way. The light you have coming in from the top right is great but not enough. The graffiti and table top are still dull, and that can be fixed by adding additional spot lighting from the same angle, or simply changing the angle of the lighting you already have. Another idea would be to remove all other ambient lighting in the room, and just use a single, well-positioned bulb. These changes would provide shadows for the flower and add that much needed dimension.

Normally, I would suggest an adjustment for a more macro-type focus, but I like that most of the image is in focus, with only a slight fall-off towards the background. In this case, I think the photo is more creative without the typical macro approach. Pat yourself on the back for A+ in creativity.

Eris applied the knowledge received from her coach, to improve her image:

What a difference! Because Eris moved the camera lower, it gave more depth to the boutonnière so the ‘petals’ seem to jump towards you. You can also now see the stamen poking up above the flower. And she added more lighting on the right hand side to emphasize the creases in the foil petals, which gives them more texture and adds more interest to the image. Well done, Eris.

Thanks for your comments on my ‘detail’ photo. I went lower and increased the right hand light. Much more depth. Cheers. Eris.

Compound Improvement

Have you heard of compound interest? Where you earn interest upon interest which multiplies your earnings. It’s a similar thing with the Gold/Platinum Dash. You’ll be able to immediately put the techniques you learn into practice to take a better shot next time. You’ll get more feedback on that shot and use that to further improve subsequent shots.

It’s an iterative process, and the benefits compound on top of each other. Improving almost exponentially! For instance, Eris will be able to use her knew knowledge of angles and lighting she learned in the image above in future photos.

At the end of the Dash, you’ll look back at the images you took at the start and will realise how much better your images are now (and how much easier it was to take them!).

This is the second Dash I have participated in with David Peterson and if you are thinking about doing this I highly recommend you to just jump in and do it. I would also recommend you at least what do the Gold level as having your photos professionally critiqued is a great way to learn.

— Susan Moody

Learn From Others Learning

As part of the Gold/Platinum group, you’ll get access to a special area of the private Dash community website reserved only for Gold/Platinum members, your professional coaches and myself. It’s an exclusive area frequented only by those who are serious about improving their photography.

In this exlcusive area, you’ll see the critiques for all other Gold/Platinum participants. You’ll not only learn from the one-on-one advice on your own photos, but you’ll also get valuable insights from the feedback given to others.

Further Training

And as a Gold or Platinum member, you’ll have the opportunity to continue to work with your coach after the course ends. You won’t be left on your own!

It’s an amazing learning opportunity. Be part of it today!

No, thanks. I only want to participate in the standard Dash.