Photography Dash Customer Testimonials

Here is a selection of some of the feedback I received from the last couple of Dashes I have run:

“Photo Dash was an outstanding opportunity to learn various techniques and aspects of photography. It was an intense course of daily lessons and assignments. We were asked to choose the best photo each dayand upload where our colleagues could see and comment on. The comments from other members of the dash were very valuable to me.

This is definitely a “”must do”” for anyone interested in photography – at $20 or even $30 it is within most anyone’s budget, and no high end camera is needed. The course is even suitable for a point and shoot camera (for the most part). I own a Canon Powershot SX50 and found it to be fully adequate to do all of the assignments.

Thanks David for putting this course together – it was fun and definitely has taken me another step up in my skills in photography.

— Jill Rapley”

The Photography Dash run by David Peterson is a fabulous way to upskill your photography knowledge in a short time. Valuable tutorial articles and helpful videos are posted with each challenge giving you information to be used to create an image for the set challenge. I benefited greatly from reading all the information and the videos from David and other photography gurus were easy to follow and understand. Even though I have been taking photos for a number of years and participating in my local Camera Club competitions, I still found things that I had not come across yet and learned techniques that I had only heard about before but never tried. The fast pace of the Dash – two challenges presented every day for two weeks – meant that I have spent a lot of time just thinking photography and working my way through the course. I really enjoyed interacting with the Dash community that were doing the Dash along with me and we were able to comment on each others photos and give feedback where we felt there was something that could be improved in their submitted photo. It is a great way to get more practice doing photography and thank you David for your effort in putting the course together.

— Karen W, Orange NSW Australia.

“The Photography Dash session was a fun and challenging way to improve one’s picture taking skills. David Peterson presents subject matter in an easy to understand manner and is quick to respond to any questions or concerns that I had.

— Irene Keiffer”

Thank you again for providing such a helpful course at such an affordable price. As a single mom on a very low income, I often must give up those things I’d like to do for me so that I do not take away from my kids. This course has been a blessing because I have loved photography since I was very young but never had anyone to teach me how to do it well. My kids also love photography and have been learning along with me. A friend commented to me just a few days into the dash how she noticed a big difference in me – instead of shy and fearful, I was taking pictures with confidence and pride. Thank you again for this course.

— – Autumn Alexander

“I really didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for the Photography Dash. I think you could even say I was probably a bit skeptical. Now what do I say? It was absolutely one of the best things I have done to improve my photography skills. Two short weeks later, I feel confident when I pick up my camera. I am no longer afraid of switching from auto to manual and my photos have improved. My only wish would be that I had done it sooner!

— London, Ontario Canada”

If you are looking for a challenging, fast paced (the Dash) way to enhance your photography skills I would recommend joining one of David Peterson’s challenges. I learned so much in the 14 day challenge and am looking forward to participating in another one in the near future.

— Janice Bell

This was a really fun and stretching doing this dash. I learnt that there is a photo practically anywhere! You just got to look for it with a different perspective. With the time restraint you certainly do push yourself to look harder than you would if you have lots of time. And the weather wasn’t always wonderful either, BUT there is wonderful photos to be had in the not so wonderful weather. A lot of fun and have more understanding and a deeper relationship with my camera now. Love this hobby called photography!!

— Ngaire McPherson.

The Dash is fun and challenging. I would recommend it to those who want to expirement with photo taking but don’t know where to begin. For the beginner, it sets a basic foundation and for those with experience the challenge would be to take better pictures. There is something for everyone, if nothing else time management.

— Douglas Coleman

This was a fantastic experience. I learned more about my camera and photography during these past two weeks than I have over the last 2 years! I was challenged to try techniques I had simply passed over in the past thinking them far too advanced for my skill level and as a result, I now possess the knowledge needed to continue to develop these skills. I have a renewed passion for photography now.

— Donna Girardin

I joined the Photography Dash not really knowing what to expect. The topics covered were all topics anyone serious about photography would want to learn. I enjoyed seeing others photos and connecting with people from all over the world. Overall I enjoyed the whole experience and hope to participate again.

As an intermediate (not professional) photographer trying to get to the next level I found the Dash Challenge a great motivator packed with information to improve my skills and heighten my creativity. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in photography beyond the occasional vacation/special occasion level.

— Raymond McCoy, Katy Texas

The dash was very informative and lots of fun. I learned many new aspects of photography and feel my skills have improved as a result.

— Lisa Dunstan

David, Thank you for such an incredible photography experience. The Dash gave me the confidence to put into practice the information I learnt about from the many articles I read. I really know my camera now and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of such a diverse group of photographers. I have leant so much and I can’t thank you enough for all the work you put into organising such a fantastic photography experience.

— Kay Taylor. Sydney, Australia.

David is a great teacher, very thorough and always willing to help if you need it. If you are in doubt about taking any of his courses, just jump in and do it. You won’t be sorry. Reasonable prices as compared to other online courses.

— Sandra Rumbley, Birmingham, AL

I have been self teaching since I discovered my passion for photography. I’ve read books, read online help tutorials, and just plain tried to figure out my dslr camera. This course not only made using my camera easier, it also changed me. It changed how I view everything. From my shoelaces to the cityscape of my town. This course taught me life long lessons about photography that can in no way be forgotten…as now they are instilled in me.

— Eileen Corbel

I am a novice photographer and the photo dash helped me focus on the basic elements of photography and forced me to take the time to practice each element. The cost is minimal and the results for me were outstanding. Seeing the work of others in the dash was a great source of ideas. I would encourage anyone interested in improving their camera skills and photography skills to take advantage of this opportunity.

— Jim Merton Ohio, USA

The Photography Dash was very helpful in progressing my photography to the next level. It was great to be connected to a wonderful photography community. I highly recommend you give the dash a try.

— Sharon Brewster

As I write this, we’re just finishing up the final few days of the Photographic Dash 2013. Originally, I signed up for the motivational aspects of the course as much for the educational materials. In the end, the Dash was much more beneficial than I expected. I learned some fun, creative and new techniques to apply to my photography and I met an international on-line community that was both encouraging and inspiring. The materials supplied were well written/produced and, since they were from other providers as well as David himself, opened up possibilities for future learning resources from a variety of other sources as well. The immersion into the world of photography these last two weeks was, at times intense, but overall thoroughly enjoyable. I feel I learned a lot and will come away with brand new inspiration and tools to further my photographic exploits. Thank you David for offering this affordable opportunity to learn the craft.

— Betty Hodges, Alberta, Canada

My name is Darryl Allen and although I was not able to complete the course I found the information given and the assignments were excellent and I learned a huge amount which will improve my photography in the future. I fully recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their photography/

David, I enjoyed the course. Thank you for opening my eyes to see what I can do with my camera.

I enjoyed the Dash. I found the ‘instruction’/tips each day were useful to beginners like me and can recommend David Peterson as a good helpful tutor.

— Ann Lockey

The class contains lots of great material on the essential ingredients for good photos.

“The Photography Dash is a brilliant course to learn new skills. It has left leaving me looking forward to improving. I recommend this course – no matter what level who are.

— Viv Steiner”

This process allowed me to try items I would not have been self motivated to do.

— Jim Patalano

This is one of the most easiest and fun ways to learn with a professional photographer and a great opportunity to meet people with the same interests. For me, this Dash has been a most to learn and practice a lot about photography, and been critique by others in the community in order to improve my knowledge about the theme. I found it relaxing as I’d learn to do what I like in my home at a nice pace. Photography is my passion. I’ve taken many courses in the internet and they are interesting but boring, not this one. Will love to take more like this one.

— Thanks David, you are just great!

Having taken photos for years, I was quite happy with my “good” photos. But as David’s course was well priced, I thought I’d give it a try. So glad I did. I didn’t know how much I didn’t know. Now I am a bit wiser, i have new ideas to try and higher ideals to aim for. Thank you David. A great course.

— Marion Darlington

I will recommend David’s Dash course to anybody that want to learn more about photography!

— Frans Joubert (South Africa)

I thought it was just the right platform and right for the beginner to gain confidence.

When I started the course I knew very little about photography, just point and shoot.I found the course very helpful, easy to understand. Seeing all the other members wonderful photos and getting their opinion on was terrific and gave you new ideas. In all a very good course. Thank you

Great idea well run and an eye opening experience.

This course took me out of my comfort zone for using my camera. I learnt heaps.

— Penny Kempler

I am DEFINITELY a better equipped photographer after completing this course

— Klag Norman

Thank you David for a very interesting and helpful Photographic Dash Course. I have learnt much and have a new eye for photography and look forward to many good photos in the future – and future coureses!

— Jenny Bradfield

Recommend David’s dash course it is great fun and makes you get your camera out and shoot.

— Mike Bullions

The Dash was fantastic, I learned so much not only about my camera but how to be more creative in my photography.

— Shirley Clarke

The Digital Dash didn’t just give me information about how to take better photos but challenged me to put that information into action each day. It gave me a reason to go out and compose better pictures and introduced me to a community of like-minded photographers.

— Cora LaPlante

“Hi David,I really enjoyed the last 2 weeks of Dash as you made it fun as well as learning. The articles were fantastic and helpful and I will recommend this to anybody who would like to become a more rounded photographer.

— Veronica de Bruyn,Cape Town,South Africa”

I recently participated in the first Photography Dash 2013 offered by David Petersan and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The Dash has fired up my passion and enthusiasm for photography. I found it very inspiring to see the shots taken by other members of The Dash. I truly learnt a lot and now have a better appreciation of what I can do with my camera to get better results.

— Patricia Gilbert

I loved the Dash and waited every morning for the new topic. Dash has helped improve my photography quite a bit. Its worth more than you have spent. Highly recommended

David has delivered a program that is challenging and exciting. If you want to unlock the potential in yourself to take great photos then I recommend David’s ‘Photography Dash’.

— Jan McDermott

I am a weekend warrior photographer with a passion for creating images. I have always loved photography but never had the opportunity to pursue it until a few years ago. I have taken several classes in photography and never learned as much as I have with the Dash. The course was entertaining, packed with knowledge and pushed you to rethink the way you take photos. Thanks David for getting me out of the box and into to a new world of photography.

— Gary Partin

Do the Dash if you need a reason to take photos, want to take photos of subjects you have never shot before, have bought a new camera and not tried out all its modes yet or need practice before going on a big trip. It has opened my eyes and I look forward to experimenting with photos even more.

I am very happy with this dash course. It presses you gently to expand your horizons and to try different things, to look at things with a different eye and to observe things that you have not noticed before!

— Bernie Souza

Photography is just a hobby for me and I love it. I have made use of the the little nuggets that you hand out and it has made a huge difference in how I look at photography now. One is never too old to learn

David Peterson’s Dash is the most worthwhile thing that I have done in Photography. The learning exercises were wonderful and I learned more in two weeks than the last 15 years of reading and not really practicing . His reading material is excellent. He is a wonderful teacher. The course was well thought out. If you love Photography be sure to do Dash !

— Gwen Cobb

The “BEST COURSE” It was not only fun, but also very rewarding in many ways, the most notiable for me is it made me think… and took me out my comfort zone. Recommend it to anyone..AMAZING

— Ron Champion. Gold Coast Australia.

I can’t thank David enough for providing this Photography Dash, as I have learned more about my camera’s settings and more about photography in the two week Dash than I have in all the years I’ve been interested in photography. I now have the confidence to know that I can take much better photographs, no matter where I am, because I know how to use my camera to much better effect. Thanks David for a very informative and educational course.

— Barbara Taylor, Gold Coast, Australia.

David i have followed you for a while now, and love you passion for photography. You make it look so easy. I enjoy photograph and want to keep improving.

I loved the Dash and would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in photography from beginners to even more professional photographers. There was just a lot of good information and nice interaction with the community and people all around the world.

— Elaine Gilbert

All I can say is……………Once I was Blind and now I can See !!! My eyes have been opened !

If you get a chance do the dash. It is so much fun and teaches you so much.

I have learned so much in Davids’ class, easy to understand etc I would have paid more for his course though.

— Sarah Ball

“I feel that David Peterson’s Photo Dash course was very valuable to me.It was challenging. My photos have improved greatly. I am looking at everything I see in a new light.It is like having a new set of eyes.I see patterns everywhere I look!My whole perspective has changed.Now I look up and down and back and forward. Doing all these things forced me to really look and really see all the beauty that surrounds me everywhere.Shadows and light,reflections in water,puddles,lakes,and rivers. Ordinary objects and things we see all the time no longer are ordinary to me because my perspective has changed. Composition and perspective are such wonderful keys to unlocking and being able to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us.Thank you,David for being such a wonderful teacher!

— Debbie Sladen”

I found David Peterson’s photography dash both fun and informative I’m glad I took it.

— Catherine Vivian

Thanks for a great experience. The topics you presented with the associated articles explaining how to improve taking photos of a particular topic were great. I printed many in order to use as a future resource. The price was certainly a bargain for the amount I learned both in taking photos (for me some of the topics were a challenge) as well as seeing the creativity of the other participants.

— Ardie Wolcott

I am most grateful that David Peterson has run “the Dash”. I have been reading his resource material for some time and it is extremely helpful and aimed right at my level. I have leant a lot in the dash and have really enjoyed the challenges.

— Robert Triggs

If you want to learn more about yourself, your camera and the software you use to produce digital photos, this is the course for you. The pace is not overwhelming and the articles help expand your knowledge for each topic chosen. It’s worth setting aside a little time to learn, if you are serious about improving your photographic skills.

— Wayne Van Den Boom

“The “Dash” has been booth exciting and knowledgeable. I will recommend it to my friends.

— Donald R Monroe

David Peterson’s Dash is an exercise that can benefit photographers of any experience level. The time and effort help to sharpen your eye and hone your skills.

— David Wiley, Albuquerque, New Mexico

This course is the best thing that happened to me in my pursuit to improve my photography. I am someone who feels like in this day and age knowledge can be provided at no cost, however I was compelled to sign up for the low cost David required because I loved how he explained photography. I found him through YouTube and have learned more from this course than all the books I have purchased and videos I have watched. It is absolutely crazy and I would tell anyone I come across to sign up. The assignments are not graded, but for some reason you feel a sense of obligation and responsibility to complete the assignments because you’d only be robbing yourself from the learning experience. If I could do it again, I wouldn’t change a thing about this experience.

The Dash course have change the way I see the world. This course teach how to pay attention to details and to look at everything as a possible subject of a picture. I see improvement in my pictures. The world is not the same now! Thank you David!

— MC O’Connor

The dash was great! it got my off the couch and made me get out there and shot photography, which made me practice to take better photo’s. David would give you challenges then show you tutorial’s and reading materials of how to take the photography. It just inspired me to get out there and see what I could produce. The next time David comes up with a program I’ll be sure to take advantage of it. Thanks again David it was fun! Till next time.

— Robert “Mac” McLellan

DASH was a great Sshrt course which helped me to develop in all the topics that were dealed with. Being part of such a community, not only expose you to new ideas but encourages you to believe in yourself and to go out and have FUN with your camera! Can’t wait for DASH#2

If ever there is a photographer who is really worth his salt, it is David Peterson. When you truly want to learn about photography and all its assets, his Digital Secrets provides you with all the relevant subjects and beyond. One can NOT walk away from doing his courses and NOT learn. That is impossible. His new Dash Course is a wealth of knowledge and a must to every want-to-be photographer, be it a beginner or the more experienced ones. You definately learn and get to put it in practise as you go along….and believe you me, you DO achieve far better photos. For those who want to pursue this hobby to become their source of income, look no further than David Peterson!

— Ianthe Wiehahn

I can highly recommend taking part in David Peterson’s Photographic Dash Course to take you from a photo snap shooter to an amateur photographer in two short weeks. It’s fun, educational and enlightening and interesting!

David I thoroughly enjoyed the Dash and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their photographic skills.

And comments from the Photography Amble. The Amble had the same content as the Dash, but it was run over 2 months.

All i want to say is thanks. You have enlightened me and hundreds of others. The pace of the amble is great for working folks like myself. I learned alot, and the things I already knew, i was able to delve deeper into. Not a single topic was a waste.

— Ken Filipiak

David, over several Iyears I have looked at and bought some web site training programmes. Some I thought were good. But now that I have experienced yours I am only sorry I did not pick yours first. Your world-wide concept, where we can not only learn from you….but also from each other is brilliant. We all know the mistakes we are each making. (Or don’t know) and the help that we receive from you and each other does not make us feel stupid…. But gives us an. ….”ah ha feeling. So that’s how you do it.” The light gradually dawns. Probably the best session was “time out to stop and observe.” Thank you for all that you are doing for my Photography.

— Ray Jones.

I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Amble. The course was very affordable, I did not need a DSLR camera, and the materials were readable and informative. I valued the time to read, think, plan, go out and try, evaluate my work, and sometimes re-try. The Amble Group provided a great sense of community and support. In a small way I came to know people from around the world and I greatly valued the interaction with them. I look forward to participating in a new Amble, and several friends have asked me to let them know when another course may be starting. Thank you David for offering an enjoyable way to improve my photography skills.

— Sylvia McGregor

This course was a wonderful learning tool and I have recommended it to all my friends. It was affordable and understandable whether you are young or a pensioner. It stretches your learning curve and abilities yet is not discouraging. I would highly recommend taking it.

— Bernice Hansen

Thanks, David, for the course! Lot of great info! It was a bad time for me! Any way to catch up? or review?

— Margaret Barnett

Loved taking the amble looked forward each week to see what the next amble was going to be.

— Becky Dykes from Brewton, Al

Just loved it. If there happened to be a book with 200 photographic exercises with great examples and instructions to follow I would buy that book and have my hobby set up for a year. And being to share and learn from each other is such a plus. Good job David

— Terrance Brown

If there is ANYONE out there who wants to learn more about photography in ANY setting or subject, David Peterson is the professional teacher you will want to work with! He is down to earth, has a sense of humor and a great desire to help you learn how and what you want to accomplish, right up to and beyond your own professional level! You get a feeling that he is actually talking to YOU while working with his course!

As an amateur photo enthusiast I am severely narrow in camera potential. This course had a major positive impact on how I view photographic potential, let alone my own exploration of my camera’s potential. The reading/viewing assignments were most helpful and opened a wealth of information and inspiration. The breath and balance of learning experiences lifted me way beyond where I had settled. Many, many thanks! An incredible journey.

— Walt Williams

I feel like you did a great job with the amble Dave. Everything was explained very well and easy to understand. I feel like I learned a lot and it was a class well worth taking. Thanks Dave

— Helen Eells

All in all I really found this course full of information I could use… the course material was very explanatory and well laid out each week. I am so glad to know there are people out there who are willing to take the time to offer this to others and not charge a fortune !! I like the fact that after the course is over I will still have access to go back on the weeks and complete the extra challenges on my own time…great work David!!! Thanks

— Joan Sabourin

Thank you David for the photography amble. I found it extremely helpful to further my photography skills.

Many thanks, David, for putting on this Amble. I think we were all challenged to change the way actually took photographs, and it has been a wonderfully educational experience.

— Liz Barnes

Hi David, The Amble course really changed my approach on how I view everything around me in my daily life. I look at each and every thing with a frame around it and also look at where the light falls and where the shadow is around them. I recently went on a trip to Virginia with three other family and ended taking portrait photo of individual and family pictures and all of them ended up as profile and cover photo on their facebook page and I felt great when people started acknowledging these photo. From the bottom of my heart.. I thank you for opening my eye to the world of photography. Looking forward to learn more from you. Thanking you

— Preet Kumar

David, your course is excellent and suitable for both beginners and more experienced photographers. I have learned much and have improved my photos immensely. The price for your course is affordable by all. I highly recommend it (and already have) to friends and acquaintances.

— Chuck Sotis

I’ve learned a few more things with the camera I have right now and I know this camera can take better pictures because I see way better looking photos taken by others with the same camera. But I am learning :)

I truly enjoyed the course I am heading to Italy soon and i feel it has gave me good base knowledge of taking various pictures. giving me more insight and to think through the shot.

— Gregory Spirito

With David giving me this opportunity to participate in the Amble course, it has opened up my eyes to the way I take Photos. I have learnt a lot over these past few weeks with the help, tips and knowledge he has given me access too. My photography has definitely improved and it’s all thanks to David for giving up some of his time for the public. Even though the course is coming to an end, I know I can use the knowledge David gave me to continue learning and improving. I would most certainly participate in future courses David may hold.

— Katrina Fensom

This is a great opportunity for any beginning or intermediate photography buff that wants to be inspired and motivated to get their camera out and improve on their photo taking abilities. David’s organized course allows you through articles and videos, in the comfort of your own home, to experiment and learn new things with your camera. With the help of the “community” you get feedback on your pictures as well as learn from others after viewing their work. I am looking forward to other Ambles he mention that are coming in the future.

I have been taking photos with my DSLR for about 8 years and finally I feel that I am understanding what my camera can do! In the past it was point and shoot and hope. Now it is think before I shoot knowing how better to take the picture to achieve what I want. It was learning what defaults to leave my camera on that I feel comfortable with for those those rare animal happenings you know it will only last for a brief moments. I have done a fair amount of learning but your concept t of learning then being “forced” to put it into practice is the best possible way of taking on board the concepts. I have already recommended the course to friends that have seen what I have achieved.
I recommend it to anyone who wants to take their photography to a new level.

— Ann Allcock, Phalaborwa, South Africa

I have learned so much from all your material, I purchased your Digital Photo secrets and am amazed at what I have learned from you. I was most impressed with the rapid reponse from emails I send you. I received a new camera for Christmas and you helped to decide on which one to purchase. I was unsure on which one to choose based on the lens choice, you informed me on which lens is best to start with. I love all the material I receive from you and will definitely continue to follow you. You make the information given at an affordable rate. I took a photography class and attended weekly x 4 and learned much more from you than the class. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

I encourage others to take part in this most useful, interesting and very competitively priced course I’ve ever seen advertised. Make new friends in your own country and worldwide who have exactly the same interest and level in photography.

— Carolyn Collins, CHC, NZ

David, I’ve been receiving your tips for over a year now and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve learned in such a short time. I’ve always love taking photos but now I feel I can take a good photo. Family and friend are always raving about the photos I take. I have to credit you for that. Your tips are always easy to read and understand, even for someone like me who didn’t have much prior knowledge of photography. You are a great teacher! Thank you so much!

— Paula Chiasson

David is a wonderful teacher, and makes things so interesting. I appreciate all the articles provided and written by him to help us understand different aspects of photography. I have told my friends about him and the newsletters he puts out constantly…something for everybody! Thanks David!

— Terri Fulper

I think you had this worked out well ahead of time and knew exactly where you were leading us. Meeting people from around the world was a big fun factor. Thanks David for a fun way to learn and move ahead with my photography.

— Dennis O’Callaghan Washington State USA

I just love the whole course. It made me take the photography more serious. I am very grateful especially because for me it was a guideline in the whole jungle of websites, blogs and video’s about photography. I loved the fact that I could connect with persons of alike and in the same stage of growth in the art of photography.

— Stanley Heinze, Aruba Dutch Caribbean

the amble was, for me, very user friendly, exciting ,informative, interactive. Looked forward to each weeks goals and couldnt wait to open e/mails each tuesday to see what lay ahead have done many courses ( not photo related ) but gained more from the amble than any other i can think of THANX, DAVE REALLY HAD FUN

I enjoyed the wide range of topics, instruction and the community aspect of the Photography Amble. I would definitely recommend it for anyone stuck in a rut with their photography.

— Julie Macey

This Amble course is really great for amateurs and professionals alike and it inspires one to take better photos, stretch one’s imagination and learn new techniques. The wide range of topics is excellent as are the help instructions for each topic. Thank you David for broadening my horizons!

— Margaret Parker.

I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to improve their skills in photography. I am a beginner and have learned so much more than I had hoped or expected to learn. As a result I see a definite improvement in my photos and enjoy photography even more than I did before taking the course. I see the world in a different way now, noticing things I’ve never noticed before. This is definitely becoming a passion of mine, whether I’m ever as good as I hope to be or not! — Thanks David for such great info!!!

Go for it folks . . . I am 83 years of age and have been following David Peterson’s tips for years and have just experienced his Amble Course which is interesting, thorough, challenging, and worth every dollar. If you are a young person and want to learn how to take professional (and prize winning photographs), then David is definitely your man.

— Nigel Smith, New Zealand

David’s Photography Amble course is great. It stretched me both in learning to use more of my camera’s capabilities and in using my imagination to see pictures to take. It was loads of fun.

— Brenda Ericsson

I have been reading your hints for a while, off and on, and found them interesting. I did not, however, put them into real practice..it was more..”make a mental note” but then did nothing with them.. I then saw the notice for the amble, and decided to “just DO it” ! It has been perhaps the most fun, and the best course money spent for years.. The challenges got me out of a comfort zone, and also got me out of the house, and also connected me with a community that has the same interests and goals.. I can only say a HUGE “Thank You David”..and any other courses that you run will have me as a participating member :)..

— Lynn Hoffmann Johannesburg South Africa

I didn’t think that at 84 you could teach me much, but I was dead wrong. I have learned more about many aspects of photography in the last few weeks than I have in the last several years,
Thank you for the course and its presentation and I have no hesitation in recommending it to others as an essential tool in their progress toward better photographic results ……

— Allan Thomson, Victoria, Australia,.

This course is fantastic value for money. I would recommend it to any would be Amateur photographer. Indeed, I already have endorsed it several times.

— Paul Henry from Epping Forest, UK.

The amble course was a great learning experience. David presents his material in a clear, concise and easily understood manner that is aimed at any level of photographic experience, I would definitely recommend this course for anybody interested in improving their photographic skills. This course made me more reflective in my own work and the work of others. Bravo David you are a gift to us.

I bought my first. Digital camera back in 2009 and as well as reading many instructions either in magazines or books I joined a local photographic club to help me understand this craft. I must admit that when I saw this course I thought is was very cheaply priced and wondered if I would get any value form this, I can honestly say that David’s course has not only reinvigorated me but I actually learnt with a lot of others new ways to improve my skills. Thanks David.

— Charles Foreman

The Amble course is a gift for any level of photographic experience. The subject matter is presented in a clear, concise and easy to understand manner. The objectives are well laid out and varied. The level of difficulty was challenging but not overwhelming. The feedback from others was very helpful and seeing their work was inspiring. Well done David you are a Godsend to us.

Thank you very much, David, for the wonderfully exciting and challenging Photo Amble. I learned a great deal and am very glad that I did decide to take part in the Amble. It has enabled me to be more adventurous with my photography, get to know my camera, and feel more confident when trying to capture great shots. I would most certainly recommend this course to anyone with a love for photography and who wants to take their photography to a new level. Thanks again for a really great course.

— Pat Kemp, Springs, South Africa.

I have completed an Amble with David Peterson and found the instructions clear and helpful. David provides an amazing amount of information and help. I thoroughly recommend taking an Amble with David. Thank you David.

— Joan McCormick, UK

I would recommend one of David’s ambles for everyone who wants to get more out of their photography. The weekly challenges make you get out there with your camera and take photos you might otherwise have missed. I have learnt a lot about my camera and to really look at the world around me.

— Liz Mills

David’s course is a gem in a confusing world of photography for a beginner. The articles are informative and user friendly. This course is definitely one I would recommend for an beginner who wants more than point and shoot.

— Delphine Ferreira, Johannesburg, SA

Thank you David for sharing your knowledge with us.This was a instructive experience that i will do again.Thanks for your quick response on our questions and most of all, all your hard work before the amble begins it was so well organised.All the best for 2014.

— Rosah Matthee SA

I think the course was fantastic. I learned so much. I read many of the articles and there was so much helpful information in them. Sometimes I had to get onthe internet to find how to get my camera to do the things recommended. That was helpful because I usually run in the other direction when computers are mentioned. Thanks for putting on the course at a reasonable price and I will surely take it again.

— Mary Delorey

Overall, I enjoyed Amble and would like to continue to learn the art of great photography! Thank You for the opportunity to learn!

— Judy Juul

This course was very well thought out, and has given me not only the confidence but the knowledge on how to take better photograph’s with the controls on my camera, and the thought process to go with it. I was very pleased with the tutorial’s and the different ways to do the exercise’s in the program. The course is well worth the money, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to learn to take better photographs instead of just pictures.

— John W. Behn

I strongly recommend Amble. I had been following David Peterson for quite some time and I am very happy to have signed up for this course. The technical instructions were easy to understand and follow. Even though I read a lot of articles from different photograpers, Amble made many technical issues easier to comprehend and follow. The interaction with my fellow students was invaluable. Seeing their selections and reading the comments added an extra dimension to Amble. Last but not least, this is a great value for your money.

— Renate Strub

Amble opened my eyes (and my camera case too) to see more of whats around me: textures, colors, lighting, focal points that will make my photos look more professional and less just a quickie snapshot. Great way to learn and connect with others around the world.

— Joe Domiano

I have photographed for over 30 years and have never had problems with composition and have been complimented on my skills. I only used the auto mode. Now, since I’ve taken this course, my photography has increased by leaps and bounds because now I understand manual, aperture/shutter priority and many other aspects of taking great pictures. Thank you David for an outstanding course and for taking my photography to a much higher level. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their skills.

I, am an amateur photographer, would without doubt encourage anyone that wishes to expand their knowledge on photography to take up the amble photography course.

— Brian Brosco, Gibraltar

I believe you give us courage to be a photographer, not just any point and shoot photographer but we now have a good grasp of what goes on inside and outside the camera. We can walk the walk and talk the talk, we don’t have to fake it.

— Debbie Lind

Excellent tuition and information. Would recommend to do a course that suits your needs. Loads of information from the weekly newsletter also. Sign up with David Peterson, the best photographic learning tool I have found on the internet.

— Dave Charlton UK

I have received David Peterson’s Digital Photo Secrets for sometime now, which have been beneficial to me, so I jumped to join the Amble. I have enjoyed the assignments and feel that I have learned a lot. I realize how little I do know, but I think I’m on the right track. The assignments were good in each category and helped stretch myself in new ways. Assignments were easy to understand and the examples were helpful.

— Doris Malm

Great class and price. Gwyn Blake

I learned so much that improves my skill level and ability to teach others. An online course that requires you to do is so much better than one that just teaches. David is wonderful and kind and interested in our successes.

— Judy Babb, Plano, Texas

I am not a beginner, but the material was a great review and the challenge to actually make and share an image on the topics you were studying for the week was really challenging and enhanced the learning experience.
Ray Reed

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in pursuing their interest in photography. You will meet a community of like minds and have experts to answer your questions, I found I was taken out of my comfort zone at times but it was fun and I’d do it all again.

— Marg Mitchell.

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in furthering their photography experience. In fact I mentioned it to a friend who’s just beginning to take a serious interest in photography and she will be very interested to know that you intend to run further courses in 2014.

David, I set out wanting to be ‘pushed’ to be more creative and too see more photographic opportunities. This course helped me a lot in those directions.

— Jim Rankin, South Africa

Completing the Amble photography course has improved my photography in leaps and bounds. Not only have I become more familiar with my camera and tripod but I also feel confident in using them in almost any situation.

— Utami Rostoll, Kempton Park, South Africa

The photography amble with David Peterson has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. David has an aptitude for teaching in an easy to understand way. The topics covered have been many and varied and I have learnt a lot from the experience. I would recommend David’s courses to anybody wanting to learn a bit more about photography. I will definitely be doing another one, and I cant give a better testimonial than that.

— Beverley Goodson, North Wales

The Amble was a lot of fun and the challenges very interesting to perform.

I have learned a lot about the tips and techniques and different categories of photography. Before I was only depending on my automatic mode when taking photos. Now i got some more inspiration for doing photography and to use my camera. Thank you.

— Marlou Naoy.

All I can say is that the world will be a better place if there are more unselfish people like David who is willing to share his knowledge and time with others and Who is so well organised. It has been a life changing experience for me. I am retired and do keep very bussy, but this has just given me a new vision and goal for my life. Thank You so much David and God Bless You.

David Peterson’s Amble Course was the ONLY reason I used my camera at least twice a week for the last two months. His weekly assignments, paired with his informative and useful course material, have helped me gain confidence with the mechanics of my camera and enabled me to create two photographs a week that I was comfortable in posting on his online forum. Thank you David! I am looking forward to your next Amble.

— Viv Smith, Richmond, VA

I believe I learned as much (or more) than if I had taken a photography course at a local college or camera store. The online course was nicely organized, informative and challenging!

— Susan Taylor

Taking David Peterson’s online photography class was incredibly better than I would have hoped for. He communicated each lesson in detail and provided additional resources and perspectives from different photography sources. I could actually see an improved quality in the photos I was taking from beginning to end. Thank you David.

Dear David, I would like to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to partake in this awesome course. Each assignment is packed with information, illustrations, videos etc and I am having the time of my life. I always loved photography but I never knew it can be this adventurous. I am exploring so many new fields and cannot wait to get to my next assignment. Thank you so much once again for such a brilliant course. Looking forward to doing many more Ambles in the future.

— Linda Rostoll from South Africa

I have a daughter inlaw that I’m going to recomend this class to. And anyone else that seem interested also. Thanks David

— Del Rogge

I found the Amble Course a great way to improve my photos and it encouraged me to try new techniques.

— Pat Adams, Austin, Tx

This course was brilliant, it pushed me to try so many things and I loved the interaction with others and seeing all their photos

— Kim Roberts

I thought the course was excellent, it was very well laid out with so much information to help explain the different topics, I felt it helped me to improve my photography , I don’t what it to stop!

I loved the challenging assignments that you gave us to do each week. I thought the links you provided with example photos were great and very helpful. The assignment instructions were very easy to follow. Each assignment was a little bit of a challenge and not to time consuming. The stretched assignments were great not to difficult but challenging enough. Nice variety in assignments. Thank you again David I really did enjoy the Amble and the price was perfect, well worth the $20.

— Gina Cook

David, I would like to thank you for the wonderful opportunity to take The Photography Amble 2013. Your articles are so well written and easy to understand. It feels as if you are right there talking to us as a class and encouraging us. I like how you include articles from other sources too.

I have learned way more than I could have ever imagined and my photography skills have improved so much. I do not even feel like the same photographer that I was when I started this course. Your course has me looking at everything through a different “lens.”

It amazes me how it is so suited to a beginner and yet is challenging for someone with more advanced skills (I am somewhere in the middle of that mix)

The Amble groups were such an excellent idea!!! I have learned a lot from my fellow Amblers and have enjoyed sharing my love of photography with other people who feel the same way, whether they live half way around the world or 15 minutes away from me ((true story)

I have already mentioned this to two of my friends and I will be encouraging them to sign up for the next Photography Amble Course.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge of photography with the world.

— Sandy Herbison, Goderich, Ontario, Canada.

David Peterson is a professional in all manner of the word. He has given a great learning experience in setting up a photography site where at a low cost learning can take place. Continuous emails regarding photography tips help in the production of better photos. Well done David

I am very pleased with this course. David has generously been teaching all of his deep knowledge and also been sharing an enormous quantity of articles connected to the weekly topics. I already knew a lot thanks to membership in a photoclub, workshops and discussions on Fb but this professional teaching, one topic at the time, in an understandable way is completing my knowledge.

— Tua Rahikainen. Finland

David did an amazing job of challenging me to do many thing that I would never have tried and in the process made me feel much more comfortable with my camera and all the various settings. I would recommend anyone eith an interest in photography and a willingness to learn to participate in the next program.

Thank you for providing this amble. It has been helpful and very interesting. I have enjoyed everyone’s pictures from around the world. I would do this amble again if it was the spring or summer here in Minnesota though. Thanks again,

— Marian Berggren

David, I have told quite a few people about the Amble program and they would love to do it. When you set it up for 2014, I will forward your email to several people with my endorsement. This is one of the best photo experiences I have had – it was challenging, but not overwhelming. It made me think and look at the world as a photographer – at least that is the way I feel now.

I have totally enjoyed the Amble and it has motivated me to continue with my photography. It has given me the skill to look at landscapes, events and life from a other point of view and one which I am enjoying each day.

— Karen Coleman, Sydney, Australia

Your well thought out exercises made me push and challenge myself each week. I know I am a better photographer now than when then the course started. Most importantly I feel I have started to “think” like a photographer and for that I can’t thank you enough.

I hope everyone enjoyed the course and learned something to improve their photography, I unfortunately could not do as much as I wished. I think David is to be congratulated and thanked for his endeavours in attempting to assist those interested in improving their photography. I am sure there will be many who agree, thanks David.

— John Weston – Geelong

I have really enjoyed taking part in the amble. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about my camera and what it can do. The topics were wide and varied with something for everyone. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time that I can’t wait for another opportunity to participate in a course that provides so much help and assistance to a novice photographer like myself.

— Trish Ashford

I have always enjoyed photography and when I retired I wanted to get heavily involved with it but found that I didn’t know what to do or where to go beyond a few obvious places. This course has been fantastic as it has got me off my couch and out into the world taking pictures – which it promised it would do.

Without a doubt I have been taken out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion and I thank you David for doing so as I now have so many ideas of what I want to do and most of all I know much more about how to get the shots that I want.

I am proud to be an Ambler and would heartily recommend this course to anyone who wants to take better pictures.

— Shaaron Hutton, Guildford, England.

I am new to DSLR and using REAL camera settings. If you have any interest in taking photos you need this course ,you will learn tons of stuff and you can actually use all of it. After the course I would be amazed if your photos did not improve. Go for it!!!!!

— Geraldine Bryce.

I feel the work and time you have put in is a giant credit to you. If not for people like yourself, people like me who just want to learn how to take a half decent photo wouldn’t have a hope. Cheers

— Kevin Brown.

I would like to recommend the amble to photographers in particular the newer ones.We have learned a lot of things from the basic techniques to some interesting challenges.I have been taking photos for about 4 years now and have learned a lot. Plus I have got more confidence to try different things other amblers have done. It is also interesting to see photographers work from all over the world and have a chance to interact with them.

— Veronica Curtis.

I have just completed David’s Photography Amble course. I’ve been interested in photography for a long time but always stayed safely on the “Auto” setting. As the course progressed my interest soared as I discovered all the things I can do with a bit of time, patience and practise. My confidence has increased enormously as I found that I could do more and more things that I’d always imagined were only in the realm of the pros. I’ve still got a long way to go but I now know what is possible and have the motivation to get off “Auto” and practise, practise, practise all that I have learned during the course. It has been great fun and I am now well and truly hooked on photography.

— Belinda Herring.

Thank you for an excellent course, the interaction was great with other amblers. I have been challenged by the material supplied but have also learnt so much throughout the seven week course. Would definitely do another one when you have one available. I would recommend the course to both beginners and more experienced photographers as there was a wide range of material and instruction. Looking forward to the next course. Thanks again David.

— Silvana Thompson (Northern Ireland).

I would recommend this Photography Amble to anyone that is trying to improve the photo’s they take, whether they are from their own vacations, children, grandchildren or possibly even small business ventures such as Weddings, Graduation etc… There is so much to inspire everyone no matter what your level. The cost is minimal and I feel even one lesson learned through this Amble made it more than worthwhile.

I have really enjoyed the Amble course – I now feel much more confident using the manual settings on my camera. The course has challenged me and forced me out of my comfort zone, for which I am grateful. I am now viewing the world around me with fresh eyes!

— Christine Cooke

I found the course very helpful and it gave me confidence to show my photos to more experienced photographers as i had been uneasy before. I can now criticise even where as i would not dare before.

David, I would like to thank you for offering this Amble. It was very helpful to me and I learned a lot about photography. It was an excellent investment of my time. I realize I have a lot more I can learn and need to practise by continuing to use the techniques you presented. I plan to participate in future ambles.

— Tissa Jayasinghe

This has been an exciting learning experience. I would recommended anyone who wants to learn several different techniques try this. Even if you’re just a beginner it is a very good course. I never got out of auto mode until I took this course. Happy shooting

— Connie G.

Excellent work, David. I think three things stand out in this project. First, the choice of topics and supporting material. Second, the improvement in the quality of some of the work submitted is astounding. And third, the community feeling that starts to prevail after a couple of weeks. It is a good feeling to know that you are submitting your work to people you know and you say I wonder what Paula will say about this. And it is good to see your (David) smiling face among the submissions commenting on something. Thank you for the opportunity to experience this.

I Think all people who participated in David Peterson’s Amble will forever be better photographers. I cannot imagine how much work David has put into this.

— Ray Pinnell

I have enjoyed my amble experience..enjoyed meeting amblers form other countries and used my camera more. thank you David

A most challenging course for all levels of photographers.. Some topics really stretch you owing to the season in your particular area, but what I found was, that this made you think outside the square. Some participants showed real ingenuity in this aspect. Critics by your peers was very valuable. I would not hesitate to take part again. Thanks for your efforts David, and best wishes to all participants.

— John Reid Victoria Australia

Even though I have been using camera’s for years, this course opened my eyes as to what my camera and I can do with the right prompting with different subjects. Thank you, David for giving us the opportunity to participate in this course.

— Kevin Parsons.

The photography Amble is an excellent course that not only teaches you photography, but also lets you use what you learn by giving you challenges and letting you post them and by using the techniques you learn to take the photos that you are challenged to take during the course, you don’t easily forget what you have learned.

— Piet Coetzee

Before taking the amble course I had lost interest in taking photos but what I learned in the course has me seeing and taking more photos to take. Thank you David.

— Patrick H

Thanks David for the chance to participate in the Amble. I don’t have a lot of confidence but this has given me a little more confidence to keep learning about photography. I now take much better photos of my beautiful grandchildren even when they are running around… The articles you shared were very informative and very helpful. I have a love of flowers and one day I hope I am good enough to treat my self to a Marco lens. Once again many thanks for this opportunity,

— Karen Reekie

David Pererson’s amble course was challenging, and enjoyable. The notes covered all aspects. He got me out of the “photographic doldrums” and inspired me to go the exta mile. I beleive that my photography improved and that I practised what was taught. The notes and information is always available to me.
Thanks Dave it has beeb a great ride.

— Quinten Swanepoel – South Africa

David Peterson has great photographic knowledge and the ability to share this knowledge in an informative and logical way. The amble course that I did was excellent with a huge amount of extra material being made available for future use – you can cut ‘n paste and save into a word file for future reading. Excellent value and of use to beginners, intermediate and advanced DSLR users.

— Anne Pilkington (Surrey, Uk)

First of all my heartfelt thanks for this opportunity that you give me and all my colleagues in amble. My taking of photos has greatly improve during our course. Where as before I am just ” hold and smile ” and just shot as long as every one face is there that is ok. And now , look at me and my photos , there is a great difference, now I learned to incorporate or make a composition in the field of art in photography. I also learned how to give critique to my colleague photos of which in my whole life I haven’t done. And establishing and maintaining your rapport to the community of Amble. Now, to be honest, I am being ask to have a photo session with one of my friend’s coming birthday. Hope I will make good.)

— Rhem

I would highly recommend David’s Amble course for beginners. For me, it has taught me to find a new perspective in dealing with the difficulty of taking my camera off Auto, I found myself getting excited about each weeks topics and I wanted to go out and try after reading his simple explanations. David’s course is easy to follow and I found myself opening my eyes to all possibilities as I went through the course. It makes you go out and take the photos rather than saying I will do it tomorrow, it was far from daunting. I also loved seeing the amazing photos my fellow Amblers took each week, it was clear to me that David’s course is the best !

— Sue Fenton.

I realy think everyone can benefet from this course. You will definitly improve yourself, your ability to take photos and seeing things in a diferent way. Even ypu creative thinking will go to another lever and you will be amazed at what you can do after this course. Thank you so much, this was great fun and a huge learning curve for me.

— Ankia le Roux

I have loved this course, everything about it from the price and the other members to the lessons and principles about photography have been wonderful. Clear and understandable and absolutely packed with information it was eye opening and enlightening for me. It’s pushed me to try new things, to conquer my fear of tech and has improved the way I see things. I’m going to miss it and can’t wait to join the next one. Thank you David it’s been a great experience.

— Stephanie Bottaro.

I participated in David Peterson’s online Amble course 2013. I found it to be a very informative, affordable course. The information was easy to apply, and my photography skills and understanding of my camera settings has advanced far beyond my expectations. The course connected people from all over the world with this common desire to gain photography skills. The Amble ran smoothly and was a wonderful learning experience that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to gain knowledge on taking better photos. Thank You David Peterson.

— -Lorali Lopez Olympia, Wa. USA

Well done, David! The Amble is a huge learning resource for all levels of photographers. I enjoyed the variety of topics and challenges to increase my knowledge of how to compose the perfect shot most of the time. Although I use a bridge camera I found the lessons to be inspiring; even a bridge camera can produce wonderful results. I think it is more the person behind the camera as much as the camera itself that produces greet photographs. With David’s expertise, passing on that knowledge to budding photographers is definitely paying it forward. Thanks for the wonderful experience.

— Mary Slaght

As a beginning photographer, I highly recommend David Peterson’s courses. He is a great communicator, and the course material is easy to understand yet fun and challenging. I look forward to learning more through taking future courses. My corner of the world, as seen through the lense of my camera, has become a great place of opportunity and discovery, thanks to David Peterson.

I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Photography Amble. I have learned a lot and enjoyed the interaction with other members. This course has helped me grow in my photography and the price was excellent! I would do a course like this again in a heartbeat!

Dear Mr.David, The Amble course was a wonderful experience for me and I am so much impressed by the way the topics were presented. It really helped me to improve my skills and are awaiting to see more such courses in the future.

— Sreekumar.k.s

The Amble course was a brilliant experience and one I would recommend to anyone who is interested in improving their photography skills at their own pace. The relaxed approach to the coursework is informative yet designed to encourage individual interpretation.. It was particularly interesting sharing photos with like minded people across the globe.. all in different hemispheres, so experiencing different weather conditions etc.. very interesting.

— Sally Ball

Having purchased your online/DVD course and struggling through this at my own slow pace, I found the Amble made me more proactive in the learning process. When I look at the pics I was taking before the Amble and compare them to what I am taking now I a HUGE leap! So thanks for your efforts in putting this whole thing together.

— Laurie Fawkner

The amount of useful/helpful information supplied and the opportunity to participate in the Amble challenges is a very worthwhile experience for anyone that is interested in becoming more knowledgeable.

— Bonnie Sinclair

Thanks David, the amble has taught me so much more that other courses I have done. Well done. I would also like you to thank all of the amble members for their critiques.

David, this course was just the right thing for me! I finally feel comfortable getting off the ‘auto’ mode, and am now using some of the other modes, such as ‘aperture,’ and some of the scene modes such as ‘portrait’ and ‘landscape.’ I also feel much more comfortable using no pop up flash. I used to use it for all indoor pictures. Also I think of ‘light’ in a whole new way now. I think you covered each topic very well, and there were challenges for me as a beginner, but also challenges for others more advanced in photography. Thank you SO much!

— Kathy Rath

Hi, I work in the Social Services Sector as a Counsellor, I am talking to people about very stressful and sad situations daily. The Photography Amble was (and will, be because I will do another one) a fantastic way of unwinding from work. Not only did my photography improve dramatically but I was able to find a new way to view the world with one degree of separation, so in a way the Amble also became a therapy.

A well constructed course with varying subject matters, with plenty of reference information to use as a guide. I learnt a lot of new techniques which I have not attempted to use before. I would recommend this course to others, and would sign up again for similar courses in the future. Many thanks.

— James, Hastings UK

The Amble course run by David Peterson was a fantastic way to improve photography skills. The reading material provided was very easy to follow, informative and helpful. I learned such a lot from this 2013 Amble course and am looking forward to trying another course this year.

— Dinah Hughes