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Tips for Purchasing Cheaper Digital Cameras Online

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Cameras can be quite expensive, so it makes sense to save on their purchase if you can. Purchasing second hand cameras online can give you some great cash savings, but you need to be wary of a few things.
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The Most Popular Digital Cameras

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What’s the most popular digital camera at the moment?

Well, judging from the uploads to my forum gallery, it’s the Nikon D70, closely followed by the Canon 350D (otherwise known as the Digital Rebel XT).
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Should You Purchase A Combo Movie and Still Camera?

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More and more video cameras these days have ‘still image’ capabilities – that is, they can take single images as well as moving video.

And this begs the question – should you purchase a video camera that doubles as a still image camera for when you don’t want to take movies. Or alternatively, should you purchase a still camera that also does movies?

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Packing your camera as checked luggage

Packing your camera as checked luggage

With the recent security scares in the UK, airlines are starting to ban all carry on luggage.

So all our electronic items you would normally take with you for safety or security will need to undergo the rigors of the baggage handlers.

So how can you pack your camera and extra gear like lenses without them being damaged during the trip?
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