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LiteZone 3.0 Released

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Want to edit your RAW photos but Photoshop is too complicated for you? You might want to try LiteZone by Light Craft.

The new version of LiteZone features simplified advanced photo editing that most DSLR users users should pick up really quickly. Yet it has the power of Photoshop (with RAW photo importing, layers and noise reduction).

I haven’t used this program much myself, but it has been highly recommended by a number of subscribers. The full version is pricey at US$250 but it has more features than Photoshop Elements.

See the full feature list

Amazon.com Acquires DPReview.com

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Amazon has just purchased DPReview.com. DPReview is one of the Internet’s top places to go to look for digital camera advice and recommendations. I’ve always liked the in depth reviews and very detailed feature list of newly released cameras. Let’s hope the fact that it is now owned by a large company who sells digital cameras (among other things!) doesn’t change the independent reviews on the site.
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