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5 Reasons your Camera Won’t Auto-Focus

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5 Reasons your Camera Won’t Auto-Focus

Autofocus is kind of like a microwave oven. Just a few short decades ago, it didn’t exist. And now we have no idea how we could live without it.

Today, the idea of shooting all of our images with manual focus seems a bit crazy. But here’s the thing, and you may find it hard to believe – there are some shooting situations where you need to shut off your autofocus. There are some shooting situations where your autofocus is going to hinder you instead of help you.

The simple reason why is this: your autofocus system just isn’t that smart. It uses certain visual cues to know where to focus, but it does all of that based on contrast and light. It isn’t able to intelligently look at a scene and understand what the subject is supposed to be, so it has to guess. In most cases, it gets it right. But there are certain situations where it’s almost always going to get it wrong. Here are the five most common:

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