Focus on Photography
Part 2 – Changing Perspective

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Comments (8)

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  1. Audrey Combrink says:

    Thank you so much for the informative videos, I’m learning so much because I’m a techno peasant and only start photographing seven years ago, so when I listen to the gurus, WOW it’s mind boggling.

    Thanks again have a great day


    Dear Amy,Is it possible to pay in full for the package.I wish to know whether I can pay $15.00×12,as a single payment.Thank you.

  3. Ken Rosling says:

    Thank you David & Amy. Very practical and down-to-earth videos. Looking forward to Part 3.
    Regards from South Africa.

  4. Hi David and Amy
    Great advice as usual, so many thanks for all the effort which makes Digital Photo Secrets such a great resource. The video discussions add an extra layer of richness and are a great idea too.
    I also wanted to add a comment about the beachside bench series of images, and I hope you won’t mind too much if I seem a little contrary. Looking at the ‘test’ shot of the bench with the tree in the middleground, I see why you weren’t totally happy with it, but what I do like about including the tree is that I feel it forms a relationship between the bench and the middle/background.. an implied leading line connecting both elements, if you like. Looking at the shot again, I felt that one possible solution would be to shoot a little wider and getting to the bench, thereby increasing the apparent distance between them, much like the image of the rocks on the beach discussed earlier in the video. Perhaps then the shot becomes all about the visual link between the tree and the bench, as well as the space as being relaxing and serene. I felt that the tree had some distinct compositional possibilities. It would of course have produced a quite different shot to your final solution, which itself is a really pleasing image as well.
    I hope you don’t mind me commenting this way.. these are just some of my thoughts. I always like to believe that a scene can offer a number of possibilities to create images which might mean different things.
    Thanks again for the great work and I always look forward to receiving your tips.

  5. Francis Teo says:

    Thanks Peter. The conversational style coupled with the photos as illustration was very effective.

  6. Gert says:

    thank you very much for the great video”s they are very informative please keep them coming

  7. Klag Norman says:

    Thank you , your enthusiasm in infectious and helps to get the message across in an easily digested manner . Once again thanks .

  8. David B says:

    Another really interesting video. The explanations were easy to understand and made it all seem so obvious. Well done both and I look forward to tomorrows video.

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