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Take stunning landscapes like this…

  • This is not one of the regular courses! Prepare to learn photography the fun way!
  • Inside, there are 21 simple and effective photo taking tips. Learn at your own pace right from home!
  • Master your camera in the shortest time possible… while your photos keep improving with every single shot you take! (You’ll instantly learn things that others pay thousands of bucks for!)
  • Ever wanted to know what terms like Aperture, Shutter Speed, Focal Length and F-Stop mean? I explain them in easy-to-understand terms.
  • IMPORTANT: This training is completely FREE
    No obligation to buy. No Contracts. No hassles.

How Will My Tips and Techniques Make You A Better Photographer?

Each day you’ll get a new photo tip in your email that will help you to take better photos. Even though my mini-course has over 21 tips, you’ll find yourself taking better shots by using just two or three tips! Imagine how great your photos will be after the 21st tip….

My tips for better photos are simple, well written, and easy to implement. But they’re astonishingly effective.

Here’s Some Of The Fantastic Photo Techniques You Will Receive:

Secret 1: The Simplest Tip

There’s a really simple photography tip that will improve your photos 10 fold instantly. You don’t even need any fancy equipment or settings! It’s so simple and so effective, it’s my first tip. You’ll receive this immediately upon entering your email above.

Secret 2: Improving Clarity Using The Right Zoom Tool

When zooming in on Point and Shoot cameras, your image can sometimes look all blurry and grainy. In this better photo tip, I tell you why, and how you can use a different zoom to get a crisp, clear image.

Secret 3: Composition Secrets

There’s a little known tip, used all the time by professionals, that results in a pleasing, nicely balanced photo. In this photography tip, I discuss what it is, and how incredibly easy it is to use in your own photos.

Secret 4: Secrets For Shooting Kids

We all love photos of kids! They have such wonderful faces, and usually love to be in front of the camera. Unlike us adults who tend to shy away from cameras! But children can also be unpredictable, and for that you need some special skills as a photographer.

Secret 5: Ensure you’ll Always Have A Great Shot

I know I keep saying it, but this is another tip (only available with digital cameras) that ensures you will always walk away from a party or gathering with some perfect shots. This beautifully simple photography tip is the main reason why I love shooting with digital.

Secret 6: Stop the Delay!

Sick of the wait between when you press the shutter and when the shot is taken? It’s called shutter delay and is caused by your camera needing to focus on your subject. Guess what? The delay can be eliminated! Now my subjects haven’t moved out of frame before the shot is taken.

Secret 7: The piece of equipment professionals never leave the house without.

It’s a tripod. I know what you’re giong to say. They’re bulky and clumsy and get in the way of a great shot. However, what I’ll tell you in this tip will change your outlook entirely.

Secret 8: Enhance the creativity of your shots

This is another really simple tip that’s extremely effective and will make your otherwise boring images really stand out!

Secret 9: Using Flash During The Day

Flash isn’t just for night time. When I first discovered this simple photographic tip for daylight photography, I almost fell out of my chair! A flash helps to eliminate dark shadows on your subject. A picture with less shadows looks much better than one with dark subjects you can’t see.

Secret 10: Get the perfect candle-blowing image – Everytime

This secret tells you how to get the perfect shot for any action scene (like a child blowing out a candle). You won’t need to settle for the ‘too soon’ or ‘too late’ shot again.

Secret 11: Keep It Fresh

This camera tip will help keep your photographs fresh and interesting to you as well as your audience. And as a bonus, you’ll suddenly start seeing more than what meets the eye, and your skills as photographer will grow.

Secret 12: Look For Light

Photography is all about light. It’s the action of light hitting the image sensor at the back of the camera that creates our shots. So it makes sense to look at the light around you before you compose your image.

And there are lots more secrets!

There are another 9 tips to make up the 21 day course covering subjects like Red Eye Reduction flash, Predefined Modes and using the LCD.

But it doesn’t stop there! I’ve expanded the course with some bonus video interviews and heaps more photo tips to keep you shooting for years.

All for free. Sign up today!

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  1. Jack McConaghie says:

    I want yo learn about digital photography & how
    to take beautiful pictures.

    Thank you

  2. fanie says:

    More happyness in giving than receiving so thank jou

  3. Tim Smith says:

    I can’t afford a lot of the programs out there to simplify using my camera, but I am eager to learn all I can.

  4. ajit says:

    I really look forward to read tips on photography.

  5. Chapter says:

    These tips have helped me soo much! Thanks for all your hard work David!

  6. David, I have learned so much about digital photography and about my Canon DSLR camera from you. I think you are the most unselfish pro in the industry. I purchased your Digital Photo Secrets course on DVD and love it. But I have learned a lot of other tips from your FREE advice in newsletters, articles, etc. Most writers charge for everything. They say it will be free, but then when you check in you get the hook. You give so much away, and I really appreciate you. I’m going on a photo safari in a couple of months, and I know my photos will be great because of all that I have learned from you. I’m so glad to be off AUTO, and that’s because you made the transition so simple. Thank you for everything!

  7. Jim Brown says:

    I want to learn about digital photography particularly landscapes (use of light) portraits and wildlife.

  8. paul says:

    Thank you so much for the tips.Went out and started to use some of the tips and it was grate.


  9. filipe da fonte says:

    I would love to learn my camera wanting to take better pictures I’m into wedding and wildlife photography

  10. Don says:

    I’ve watched and enjoyed some of your lessons…looking forward to learning more because you are simply
    “AWESOME”!!!! Thanks so much for this offer.

  11. Jen says:

    Just get future tip on take great photos

  12. Dawn Hough says:

    What an exciting opportunity to learn to improve my happy snaps ! I love to capture beautiful moments and keep them for ever! & give them to my grandchildren too ,to inspire a love of beauty.

  13. Moira Breach says:

    Just retired and want to learn how to be in control of my camera to take better pictures- thanks for the free opportunity- cant wait to start

  14. Leonora B.Reyes says:

    I want to improve my knowledge in photography

  15. aries blazer says:

    I find these lessons very important to me, as a photography student at durban university of technology in south africa…i hope i will learn a lot

  16. Roy says:

    Dear David,
    I did sign up today. I am very happy for that.

    You are JUST GREAT!!

    Looking forward to learning photography skills and technics.

    Very Sincerely yours,

  17. John says:

    I would love to learn all I can about taking better pics and anything else I can learn about Photograohy,, I like taking wildlife and beautiful background scenery

  18. Denise Opuni says:

    i love photography i cant afford to pay for a course yet but im eager to learn!!!

  19. John says:

    Keep up the good work. The tips are brill especially for beginners like me. Thanks

  20. oli says:

    would like learn how to shoot great pictures

  21. Caro says:

    Thank you :0)

  22. kelly says:

    very interested sign me up

  23. Chris says:

    Dear David,

    Sorry to be a nuisance but I cannot Sign up to your Free Course “How to Take Awesome Photos with Any camera”

    I put my name in the apropiate box and my Email address Click the “Get Instant Access Button”

    Nothing happens. I have checked my Emails and Junk box.

    Still Nothing.

    Can you Help Please.

    Yours Sincerely


  24. Albertus says:

    PLEASE enter my details for your Digitl Photography Course.

    Thank you.

  25. ELI LUCAS says:

    Thank you.

  26. Kerrilina says:

    Thank you – i’m just wondering what happens after i’ve finished this 21-day course … do you send further info & offers?

  27. Micke Rudafort says:

    I’m a Phptographer by Profession but I need some tips & techniques!

  28. REUBEN PARIAG says:

    i need to take better pics with my camera 3ti

  29. gheb says:

    Thanks for the valuable tips for helping me taking better pictures.

  30. Rosanelle says:

    I am 81 years young and still learning. Excited to hear from you.

  31. Patricia says:

    I am looking forward to your information to become more proficient taking photo’s.

  32. Linda Dlamini. says:

    I would like to receive some tips how to use my Nikon D3000 in a professional way & take smart photos and im prepared to engage on a photographic course.

  33. Mikael says:

    I need to improve my photo techniques as I’m rubbish at it.

  34. eddie says:

    A very soothing, hobby where i can capture the best moments in life, can last a lifetime,…. what would the world be without pictures…… count me in!

  35. Jackie says:

    Really wasn’t sure whether to sign up until I got to the end of the intro video and heard the “disclaimers”!! If all your photography tips are as helpful as the one about preventing milk turning sour then I should get some interesting images by the end of the tutorials.

    Needless to say, I have signed up!!

    Thank you for the laugh on a dull, wet December Sunday morning!!

  36. Kabelo says:

    A Free coarse… I’m blown away. Well, they do say the best things in life are for free. Domo arigato David-Shi

  37. dennis says:

    Thank you David for this free course. I am a total beginner and am sure my photos will be greatly improved by using these tips.

  38. melvin burgess says:

    I would love to take great photos.

  39. carolyn says:

    confidence totally gone and would appreciate a little help in regaining this,i just need guidance again to start taking great images,

    look forward to your tutorials


  40. Nagesh says:

    Thank you Sir
    For giving me valuable photographic tips
    Which are to much helpfull to me

  41. Lia says:

    Just bought my first DSLR, need some hints, thanks.

  42. Hundra says:

    Can you learn me more of digital photography and how to take the most beautiful pictures.

    Thank you

  43. alec says:

    I look forward to receiving your no charge tips, very generous of you. Thanks

  44. Alec Morrison says:

    My photography needs some refreshing and encouragement. Looking forward to your tips.

  45. Gayle Niskala says:

    I’m very interested in improving my photography. Thank you for your free course.

  46. Royce says:

    Very interested inseeing what this course has to offer as I did the New york institute of photography course, regretably I did not get to finish it due to unforseen personal reasons

  47. Kushal Bhattacharyya says:

    I’m interested in trying out tips & techniques

  48. Michael Aronson says:

    I’m interested in your photography course

  49. Abey A. Mdluli says:

    Thank you very much with valuable photographic tips I’m going to get for free. Thank you oncemore.

  50. Dalana Mey says:

    I want yo learn about digital photography & how
    to take beautiful pictures.

    Thank you

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