Do you have a tip to share?

If you have a tip you’d love to share, and at the same time help out other photo hobbyists, I’ve love to see it, and maybe even feature it as a Digital Photo Secrets tip!

Even if you don’t think you can write! I’m happy to edit your piece if you think it’s not good enough for public consumption.

Tip Guidelines:
– The subject can be anything related to digital cameras or photography.
– Write about any tips or tricks you have learned using your digital camera.
– Please make your tip at least 200 words long. Explain how you apply your tip, and any things to watch out for.
– You may describe an image you took, and why you chose to take the image. Please also include the image.
– Or you may upload an image that helps to describe your tip.
– If you have a blog, or website, I’m happy to post a link back to your website from your article if it’s published.
– All submissions must be original content written by you.
– By submitting your tip, you give permission for it to be used for a future Digital Photo Secrets tip.
– Submitting a tip does not guarantee publishing. I reserve the right to publish the tips I think would benefit the most people.

To submit your tip, please email submit@digital-photo-secrets.com.