Taking Better Photos with Amy Renfrey

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Recently I sat down with pro photographer Amy Renfrey of the Focus ezine. She’s just returned from a vacation and shared some of the photos she took with me. And I tell you what, she took some really stunning shots! What’s even better is I was able to ask her a whole lot of questions about HOW she took her shots. I recorded it all. So you can gain the benefits of her wisdom too.

The video takes a few seconds to load. The total size of the video is 150mb.

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  1. commie smith says:

    love this viedo learned so much .i like taken photos of water to she help me understand how to get the right photo of water thank you

  2. Wendy says:

    Wow ! Amy… this presentation was so helpful. I am a weird person who can “see” a shot, but if asked the “technical specification” of the shot, I wouldn’t have a clue. You helped me to understand so much, explained the technical terms in an easy to understand manner. Thankyou so much. Oh, that, and the fact that you are a fellow Aussie !!! Thank you so very very much. (next time you are in NSW, photographing the 3 Sisters, let me know !!!! ) Thanks again !

  3. drk says:

    Thank you so much for your video. Excellent information. I just recently bought a Canon 5DII and the same lense 24-105 you have. The DoF information about zooming was great. Until now I could never get the two together for the desired effect. I’m excited to try the new information out.
    The coincidence here is I also have had a 70 – 200mm L lense for about 3 years and have never thought of using as you have mentioned. I plan to sign up for the offfer as soon as David makes it available. Dave

  4. Judy J. says:

    Thanks to you both! Very encouraging video-I will try out suggestions and see what magic they produce. Can’t wait to try them!

  5. Amy Renfrey says:

    Hi everyone,

    So glad you are enjoying the video. David is such a great friend and a great host it has been my pleasure to come and speak with him so everyone benefits :)

    I was asked a question today and I thought I’d come and post the response in here so everyone can benefit from the answer. The question was “Will your course confuse me because I do not have all the bells & whistles of Photoshop?”

    Goodness no! My aim is to clarify photography for you, not confuse you every further. When I talk about Photoshop it is really just because it’s what I have to edit my photos. My course does not teach Photoshop usage, it teaches you to become a master of light, composition and how to simply look at something and you KNOW how to photograph it and create a beautiful image from it. My ebooks and ezine is very much focused on what you have to do to become a wonderful photographer- and that’s to master light. Once you have mastered lighting, the rest becomes easier and easier. And that’s where I come in.

    You will definitely NOT be confused. :) However if there is anything that you want clarification on all you have to do is email David or myself and between the two of us you will get the help you need.

    We’re both on your side, here to help you become the photographer you have always wanted to become.

    Have a wonderful day and happy shooting,


  6. kathy beeching says:

    many thanks to you both for an interesting video, I’ve watched it several times now, to pick up on tips I missed the first time round. Keep up the good work.

  7. James Bernard says:

    Very nice summary of tips used to take photos.

  8. Leonard Caruana says:

    I am eighty my first camera was given me when I was seven.I am still taking photos.My best photos are children, my children and grandchildren.Thank you for your video I enjoyed it very much and learnt a lot.

  9. Donna says:

    It is so good to have things explained in non-technical terms. Thanks for making everything so easy to understand. Well done.

  10. garry d says:

    some very good tips in this interview now i will go and practice them. thanks a lot.

  11. BJ says:

    Thanks so much for a great tutorial.

  12. Eunice Witheford says:

    This was a great interveiw. Do you not use a grad filter on your waterfalls?

    I tried to do a long exposure shot of a lake & clouds in the middle of the day but my shots either blew out or were too dark. I used to ND filters to make up to ND10 – a ND2 & ND8. I didn’t succeed so will ahve to try again when I get a bit more information of where I went wrong.
    Keep up the good work.

  13. Helen says:

    The two of you were great together – loved the content and the simple, efficient delivery. Congrats.

  14. Mike Keen NZ says:

    Many thank Dave and Amy great help to me on wide angle and panarama differeince keep up the great work

  15. Rosario says:

    Thank you David & Amy
    Took some of tips . I will try it .
    Interesting , love it.

  16. Caron says:

    Thank-you David & Amy. The video was so amazing.

  17. Phyllis says:

    I enjoyed watching the video from start to finish. I am just an amateur photographer but eager to learn. Thank you so much for taking the time to teach.


  18. david says:

    grate video daavid loved it very much…..i have a nickon d3000 digtial camera n shoot lots of photoes with it

  19. Floy says:

    Really enjoyed your video.It is was very helpful.

  20. irwin partridge says:

    enjoyed your video very informative i have a fuji film fine pix S2950 camera i am still learning about it settings i am going to start using the manual settings thow everything is still a bit confusing.

  21. Patricia Gilbert says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching the video about Taking Better Photos which David did with Amy Renfrey. Amy’s enthusiasm and tips are very motivating. Thank you David, and Amy.

  22. leigh says:

    Thank you David and Amy for your excellent video. The explanations
    of how the images were taken are presented simply – as if listening to a well informed friend. I am motivated to make some sepia images.

  23. Brian says:

    Really enjoyed that hour of discussion. I have been following both of you for a couple of years and you both have added to my knowledge and use of photography.

  24. Philip C. says:

    Great interview, what a strait no technical stuff, but very helpfull and inspiring vidio.

  25. Eliese Thogersen says:

    Thanx so much.For myself,starting out to learn about digital photography,this video gives me some perspective about some aspects,ie-flowing water,and the incentive to learn more.Watching a video where you are chatting to each other about various things gives one a personal feel,where books are more impersonal.It makes one feel more involved,and not so alone in a field that seems so vast
    Thank you David for posting this.

  26. laura says:

    Great Video Thank you so much I am going to purchase her package! And btw I agree with Amy about sepia tone. I shot my girls ten years ago when they were 1 and 3 on the beach. I dressed them up in pretty little dresses gave them feather boas and a silver tea set and shot them having a tea party on the beach Put it into an oil painting setting in sepia, printed them out on canvas and they came out gorgeous! I did take the tone down so it wasn’t so dark….. looking forward to your wealth of knowledge David I have learned so much. Been loving photography for years and know have the time to really dive into it. Just set up studio and looking to go into business soon! ITs so nice having people willing to share their expertise… thank you thank you thank you!

  27. Kate says:

    Great video; had to make the time to watch this one and I learned a lot.

  28. Atomix says:

    Thanks a lot! I appreciate you reviewing a variety of photos. Very informative.

  29. caj says:

    Thank you David and Amy, I learnt a few things there.Stiching photos checking focus-so important-lenses.Much appreciated.

  30. I agree with you both about the easy way to switch from auto shooting to manual mode. With my first DSLR a Canon 20D I was shooting in auto mode and didn’t always see the image the way my eyes were seeing it so I looked at the auto settings and started experimenting with setting there were different but close in manual mode to get the image the way I was envisioning it. I also love the Canon 5D MARK II with the 24-105mm or 70-200mm lens attached. I do a little of everything but mostly equestrian shot of games and jumping. I have been a subscriber to Amy’s e-zine for a little over a year and it is excellent.

  31. angieroper says:

    What a totally incredible interview/presentation. Highest of all accolades to DPS, David Petersen & Amy Renfrey for a spetacularpeek into the hidden secrets of photographing.

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