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Auto Mode Is The Main Cause Of Crappy Photos

Your Digital Camera can do a lot, but it's not particularly smart. Auto mode works some of the time, but more often than not, the decisions your camera makes create poor photos. You know the kinds of photos I mean - we've all taken them. Blurry; Out of focus; The wrong color; Too dark. And even worse, once you realize the images you took are worthless, it's too late. There's no way to re-capture those memories.

Introducing Digital Photo Secrets Video Course

Over 12 hours of
video content!

In my brand new video course, I'll show you how to unlock the potential of your camera, by showing you the simple hints you can give to your camera so you'll take some breathtaking images. You'll see easy to remember composition techniques to guarantee those who look at your photos will fall in love with them (without knowing why!).

Because my course is all-video, you'll see the techniques in practice. It's like having me standing beside you showing you exactly how to take the best photos of your life! Digital Photo Secrets Video Course is not a simple 1 hour presentation, either. I've stuffed over 12 hours of killer techniques and valuable insights into this course. From my 8 years of teaching photography, I understand what you want to know about how your camera works to get the shots you want.

And I've included it all.

12 hours of videos

You heard that right! There is over 12 hours of video training in the Extended edition. And the Deluxe edition adds another 10 hours on top. It's not hard to find what you need though, as I've segmented and cataloged the videos so it's quick to find what you need.

Designed for Point and Shoot, Bridge and DSLR cameras

Think you need an expensive camera to pull off images like the one below? Think again! All cameras are capable of producing spectacular photos (even phone cameras!). I'll show you how!

What makes this landscape stunning?
There are two simple techniques most photographers don't know about to take photos like this one.
They're quick and easy to master, and once you know them, you'll never forget them.

You Will:

Unlock the potential your Point and Shoot, Bridge and DSLR camera.
Create visually appealing images with 13 astonishingly simple composition tricks.
Quickly take awesome photos in 11 common (but tricky) situations, like Sports photography, Snow, Fireworks and Sunsets.
Eliminate blurry photos.... forever.
Know how to 'freeze' motion in your photos, and the best way to show that your subject is moving.
Dramatically improve your photos by using a simple trick the pros use all the time.
Let your camera help you by giving it hints about your photos. It's like an autopilot for your camera!
Lock in your newly acquired skills with practical 'join in' sections.


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Basic The Fundamentals of Digital Photography

  • Almost 6 hours of video training
  • How to avoid crappy photos
  • Get out of Auto Mode!
  • When to use each of your Camera's Scene Modes
  • 3 bonus videos
  • Digital Download
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Deluxe Unlock the power of your digital camera.

  • Over 22 hours of video training
  • Everything in the Basic and Extended Editions
  • 70 professional photography critiques
  • Pro advice on 5 of your very own photos!
  • 8 bonuses
  • Digital Download

Extended Take Control of your camera. Go above and beyond auto.

  • 13 hours of video training
  • Everything in the Basic Edition
  • The technique to instantly improve your photos
  • Night Photography Unlocked Video Course by Neil Creek
  • 5 minute primers for 11 common situations
  • 6 bonus videos
  • Digital Download
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Basic DVDs The Fundamentals of Digital Photography

  • Almost 6 hours of video training
  • How to avoid crappy photos
  • Get out of Auto Mode!
  • When to use each of your Camera's Scene Modes
  • 3 bonus videos
Including delivery
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Deluxe DVDs Unlock the power of your digital camera.

  • Over 22 hours of video training
  • Everything in the Basic and Extended Editions
  • 70 professional photography critiques
  • Pro advice on 5 of your very own photos!
  • 8 bonuses
Including delivery
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Extended DVDs Take Control of your camera. Go above and beyond auto.

  • 13 hours of video training
  • Everything in the Basic Edition
  • The technique to instantly improve your photos
  • Night Photography Unlocked Video Course by Neil Creek
  • 5 minute primers for common situations
  • 6 bonus videos
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Digital Delivery or Physical DVDs

Watch the videos anywhere you want. Get the Digital Download and you can watch directly on your computer, phone or tablet. However, if you prefer a DVD to hold in your hand, you can order the DVD set and I'll rush-ship them to your home. You'll get access to the Digital version too so you can start taking better photos while waiting for the DVDs to arrive. The DVDs cost just a little more to cover production and shipping.

Use color and interest to make your photos pop.

Paced To Your Speed

New to photography? My videos build your knowledge over time, so you won't get bogged down with lots of complicated terms or instructions. It's a fun and informative approach to better photography. And there's even a quick start section so you can jump start your photography prowess without needing to watch all the videos.

I take you step-by-step from the basics - like how to hold your camera to eliminate movement, and how to correctly compose your photo. We then decipher how ISO, Shutter Speed and White Balance work; through intermediate techniques like Depth of Field. And for Deluxe edition customers, I'll show Advanced techniques like Manual Mode and the 6 elements of visual design.

Been using a camera for a while? The Taking Control section covers intermediate topics like Shutter Priority Mode, Aperture Priority Mode, Metering Modes, Exposure Compensation and using EXIF to your advantage. And we'll discuss some extra composition tricks to 'force' whoever is looking at your photo to look where you want them to.

And you can re-watch the videos as often as you like! Access is lifetime - no limits. Even on your tablet. Perfect, if you like to watch a few times before implementing.

Hands On Learning

The classroom sections are accompanied by a Practical section. In the practical area, we'll look at loads of example photos showing the technique we've just covered in the classroom section. I'll show what works and what doesn't work. And you'll have an opportunity to test your new found skills. For example, in the classroom on Basic composition, I'll teach the 6 most important composition rules to master. In the practical section, I'll show you lots of examples of these composition techniques in practice, and give you a quick quiz to state what rule was used for some example photos.

Bonus Videos

These are just some of the free bonuses you'll receive with your purchase:

Running Time: 3h 51m
Night Photography Unlocked*
By well known photographer Neil Creek

Anyone can improve their night photos, and you don't necessarily need a fancy camera to do so. Just a few amazing night photography tips can do the trick for you. Exploit the creative possibilities that come when the sun goes down.

This course sells for $49 every day on Udemy (click through to check!), but you'll get it for free with my video course.

Jargon Explained

Confused by the technical terms used by photographers? Learn the buzzwords, jargon, and special "language" of the experienced photographer. This e-book contains plain English descriptions for your camera's complex settings.

Running Time: 36m
Using Flickr

Flickr is the hottest photo sharing and storage site online. It's a fantastic resource for sharing your photos with your friends and for finding others who like to photograph the same things as you. Did you know they offer 1 Terabyte of free image storage to users? That's enough space for over 500,000 high quality photos. In these easy videos, I'll show you how to upload and share your photos, and use Flickr to learn from others.

Running Time: 1h 02m
Wedding Photography*

Everyone loves to look at wedding photos. It's one of the happiest days in our lives. Being able to share in the moment, or re-live the excitement by looking at great photos of the day is one of life's pleasures.

Wedding photographers know this and charge a premium for their services. And they produce stunning results. They know how to take just the right shots of the happy couple (and the day) to ensure those timeless memories last forever.

But... if you're ever tried to take your own photos at weddings, you know it's not a cakewalk.

This interview between myself and long time professional wedding photographer, Garry Edwards, will answer all your questions about wedding photography - including which shots you need to take on the day, how to look for the 'money shots' and what you need to do to create timeless memories for all time.

Thanks to Traci Scoggins for this image Running Time: 17m
How To Eliminate Noise, Blurry Sports Images and Sharpen Photos*

In this free bonus, I ask a pro photographer, Curtis Routh, for his answer to the "Blurry Picture" problem. As a sports and events photographer, his expertise in this area is INVALUABLE.

Have you even been at an indoor sporting event and your images either came out too dark, too blurry, too far away, or a combination of all three? Curtis explaines not one but FOUR ways you can improve your images in low light situations like indoor sporting events. He went on to talk about what Digital Noise is, why it's so common and what you can do to minimize (or even eliminate) this problem. And he also gave his tip on the best "Image Sharpening" and "Contrast" mode for crisp, sharp and clear images - and the answer may surprise you.

* These videos not available in Basic edition

Is this guide for you?

Just getting started with photography? Unhappy with the snapshots you take? Do you have trouble getting sharp photos? Want to capture 'memories' you'll treasure for years to come? (not just photos you'll look at once, then forget). Are you getting a lot of value from my free '21 secrets' email course?

Then my Digital Photo Secrets video course is for you. You'll understand the fundamentals of photography that will allow you to take gorgeous photos on-demand (or just whenever you want to). Winning photo after winning photo. Without needing to learn complex camera settings. Wouldn't that be fantastic!

Learn the techniques to take spectacular night shots like this.

Use Your Existing Camera

It's NOT your camera! There is absolutely no need to spend thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars on a new camera (or new lenses, filters, flashes or any of the other paraphernalia that retailers want you to buy). A cheap Point and Shoot camera is fine! With just a few simple steps, you can instantly improve your photos. In almost any situation. Your camera actually does most of the work for you! All you need to do is give it a little guidance. And I'll show you how.

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So what kinds of results can you get?

Want an example? Take a look at these two photos. They are of the same subject, but the second one looks MUCH better than the first. That's because the second photographer used his knowledge on Lighting and Composition to maximum effect. Knowledge I'll share in the course.

Have you had the experience where you take a really great photo? You're instantly pleased with your shot and when you show it around your friends all want copies? Most of the time that happens by accident rather than on purpose. With this training, you'll learn why these photos look great, and also know exactly how to reproduce those same 'wow' reactions almost at will!

Deluxe Edition Extras

Want to continue your education? I've got you covered in the Deluxe edition of Digital Photo Secrets Video Course. The Deluxe edition has over 10 additional hours of stimulating content including professional critiques of over 70 photographs submitted by intermediate and advanced photographers.

Not only will you learn everything above, but my pros will show you EXACTLY how to overcome absolutely ANY difficult photographic situation. And that information is tailored exactly to your needs!

Want to take photos to rival those on the cover of Time Magazine? What about images that consistently win photo competitions? Or maybe you have less lofty (but not less desired) goals like taking memorable images of your newborn, or grandkids. That's definitely possible with this information. In fact, I've already had customers win competitions with the information in the Deluxe Edition.

If you need a refresher, you still have access to all the Basic videos.

Personal Critiques of YOUR images

How much better would your photography be if you KNEW what to do in every photographic situation? You'd be able to know exactly which buttons to press for low light; outdoors; candid shots; you name it.

Want to know how you can improve a photo you took? Or are you proud of one of your shots and want to make sure it's as good as you think it is. With the Deluxe Edition, I have a team of professional photographers ready to review 5 of your very own images. How would it feel to have a professional right by your side - someone in your court who will tell you what works, and what could be improved. It's feels damn good. You'll get advice exactly in the areas you need it.

You will uncover more secrets to taking extraordinary images then you have ever possibly imagined. And much, much more. Thousands of other run-of-the-mill photographers, just like you, worldwide have used this unique multimedia course to become expert photographers, while having piles of fun in the process. Will you be next?

Order The Deluxe Digital Edition Order The Deluxe DVDs

Or order one of my other editions. You can always upgrade later.

So what's covered?

What's in the course? Take a look at the table of contents.. That links to the special members area where you can see what I cover. While you're there, take a look at the introduction video.

Here's one of the videos from inside the course. This is from the 'situations' section where I present 5-minute primers for common situations. They are short to the point so you can take what you need and get going without having to wade through hours of video.

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As the case is with all honest sales people, I’m giving you a 60 day money back guarantee. If you don’t feel like Digital Photo Secrets Video Course has helped you in any way, you can contact me and I'll give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

All you’ve got to do is click the Order Now button to get started.

Three key composition techniques were used to help make this photo look death-defying.
I'll tell you which ones in the course.

What My Customers Are Saying...

Don't take my word for it. Here's what my customers have said about Digital Photo Secrets Video Course:

The "secrets" of professional looking photographs used to be known by only the Pros. David Peterson is helping to change all of that... his Digital Photo Secrets Video Course is FANTASTIC! His crystal clear explanation of the principles of photography, combined excellent images and graphics makes learning fotography phun! I highly recommend this course to photographers of all levels.. .from beginners to advanced amateurs. Since I returned home from the War in IRAQ (combat Chaplain with 4ID), I've been teaching Digital Photography full time at Loyola High School, Los Angeles, CA. I love finding outstanding tutorial material for the Lads...and this course gets an "A" in my classes.

-- John Quinn, S.J., Los Angeles, CA

It's taken a while to get through the many helpful tips in the Video Course. I've learnt so much. Initially I bought your two photography books which gave me so much information. Now I have the twenty two hours of video that brings everything to life.

The addition of Neil Creek's course is invaluable. I particularly enjoyed the part on the 'Blue Hour'. I'd never thought about taking shots after the sun has set. I just can't wait to get out there and put into practice what I've learnt.

The video course is a must for not only those who are starting out but also for all keen photographers who want to improve their photography. I know I'll be watching specific parts of the video before going out to shoot.

Thank you so much

-- Tony Evans, New Zealand

Hello David. Your support is first class. I thought I didn't need Basics but checked it out anyway and oh yes... I'm surprised at what I did not know. I'm going to love this course.

-- Leigh De Kraker, Ontario, Canada

And praise about my previous products:

I have been learning so much from the reviews I get for my photos and also from the reviews of other photographers work. I have found some specific areas that I am very much weaker in and I intend to work on that in future. [This course] has actually brought me a long way into actually expressing the ideas I see into pictures.

-- Habib, Maldives

If you want to be taken seriously as a photographer, you need [this course]. Even my father who is a professional photographer is impressed, and now will discuss my pictures... Thank you again for giving me a new career.

-- Patricia Senior

Your lessons are clear, precise and so easy to understand. The pictures you included really helped to cement the points. In the later chapters I enjoyed your discussions on travel, children's photography, visualization, etc.

-- Janet Kinney

I've attended a few courses on photography including the on-line course. But none of it that gave me a straight and layman explanation until I received your secrets of photography. Even with the early few secrets, I have tried and got wonderful and meaningful images that I have been trying all these years. Thanks David for your brilliant and systematic approach.

-- Nazaruddin Abu Zaharin

Your explanation as to how f-stops are calculated was a first for me but as student of mathematics made perfect sense and extended my knowledge on the subject. many thanks for that. I am 73 years old, bit of a late starter you might say. Overall your [photography courses] have proved invaluable. I have certainly improved my photography skills, thanks to you. May i wish you every future success.

-- Alan Lock

I have a digital camera, and I've taken over 3,000 photographs using it - all on the automatic setting! I'm a little bit embarrassed to admit that, but I guess I'm a little technophobic, and really, I can't understand my camera manual anyway. I was encouraged... to explore the various scene modes on my camera. It seems my camera is much better than I thought! Last night I took some great flash shots using 'party' mode. I've always hated flash photography, but the venue was very dark so there was no way I could get away without flash. I also experimented with the 'night scenery' mode on the way home, and I think I can have some fun with that! I had absolutely no idea my camera could take good photographs in those situations. So I just wanted to say thank you very much!

-- Kate Cawood

I decided to get into photography and first picked up the digital photo book for dummies, but I must say, I learned more from [your course] than the "dummies" book! ... My photos are much better quality! I´m still learning as I go but thanks to you, I think I´ve graduated from the "dummy" level! Thanks for everything!

-- Paul Smitch

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Yours in Photography,
David Peterson.