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Practical Challenges To Fit Your Skill

Along with the course content for each topic, I'll set three photographic challenges. Choose the challenge that fits your photography skill level. Or participate in multiple challenges!

Challenges For A Lifetime!

Twice a week, you’ll learn something new, and have a chance to apply that new knowledge with a photographic challenge. The skills taught on The Dash don’t require in-depth knowledge of your camera. And, like riding a bike, they will stay with you for a lifetime!

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three levels of challenges

Three Levels of Challenges

I providing three challenges with each Dash topic; a challenge aimed for Beginner Photographers, one for Intermediate photographers, and one for Advanced photographers. The beginners challenge is suitable for novice photographers - if you are still learning your camera and photography. The Intermediate and Advanced goals are designed to take you out of your comfort zone with your camera, so you can take photos like you've never taken before!

Challenge Examples

For Example, say the Dash topic shows you how to take photos to capture your subject's personality. The beginner challenge might suggest you to ask your subject a key question just before you shoot.

beginners challenge
intermediate challenge

The Intermediate challenge might ask you to get in close and take a photo of two people interacting. Interaction is an excellent way to capture personality in your photo.

The Advanced challenge might ask you to use a musical instrument as a prop take a portrait with personality, making sure the subjects eyes are in sharp focus and the background is blurred.

advanced challenge

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