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All You Need Master Your Camera

The biggest hurdle to improving your photography skill is practice. Procrastination takes over!
“I’ll get to it tomorrow” you say. But you never do.

Twice a week, The Dash will give you a reason to get out and have fun with your camera! And by practicing the techniques you read about, you will quickly achieve the breakthrough in photography you’ve always wanted.

short and sweet tutorials with no padding

Short and Sweet Tutorials

Designed to vastly improve your photos, the course material consists of articles (and sometimes videos) with all terms explained in non-technical language. If you’re in a hurry, you can complete the exercises in 30 minutes. If you’d like to spend more time, there is heaps of extra material so you can immerse yourself in the topic.

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quicky get the essentials with provided cheat sheets

Cheat Sheets

For each stream, I'll produce eight handy 'cheat sheets' you can print and take with your camera. They give you pointers with the essential tips and pitfalls to watch out for. And you'll see the best settings to use with your camera.

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see professionally critiqued photos

Photos Professionally Critiqued

I’ll select a few photos each week to be professionally critiqued, and shared with all participants. You’ll discover what worked with the photo; what didn’t work; and how the image could be improved. Even if your image isn’t selected for critique, you’ll gain valuable insights and will be able to apply this knowledge to your next shot.

(If you’d like all your images critiqued by a professional photographer, watch for information about Dash Assist after your purchase.)

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share your progress with hundreds of other participants

A Thriving Community

One of the best parts of The Dash is the community aspect. You’ll share your progress with hundreds of enthusiastic participants - all learning photography just like you. You’ll learn from the community by taking inspiration from their efforts and receiving feedback; and in turn they will learn from your own achievements.

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challenges to fit your skill level

Three Levels of Challenges

Along with the course content for each of the eight topics in each stream, I'll set three photographic challenges. This encourages you to get ‘hands on’ with your camera and apply your new skills. Choose the challenge that fits your photography skill level. Or participate in multiple challenges!

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