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A Vibrant Community

One of the best parts of The Dash is our community! You'll engage with hundreds of other participants - all learning photography just like you. You'll learn from the community by taking inspiration from their efforts and receiving feedback; and in turn they will learn from your own achievements.

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Photographers from
Around the World

Our Dash community is active, strong and lively! Share your images with hundreds of photoraphers from all around the world. See photos from other countries and cultures. You'll be able to comment on others photos (as they will of yours) for feedback and encouragement.

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Gain Inspiration

Having trouble finding inspiration for your photos? Scan the growing library of over 83,000 photos uploaded by Dash participants. Find a favorite and try to create a similar photo. Or use the image as an influence for your own creation.

How Was That Taken?

Along with each image, we show the valuable EXIF information. These 'shot records' tell you the exact ISO, Shuter Speed, Aperture and Focal Length used to take the photo - along with the make and model of camera used. The EXIF data is an excellent teaching tool to further your understanding of your own camera. Want to know more about how an image was taken? Just ask! The original photographer will be glad to let you know.

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keep in touch with friends

Keep In Touch with Friends

Your membership to our 'Dash Insider' community doesn't end if you cancel your subscription. Your private access to the site will continue, so you can keep in touch with your new friends, participate in the forum and upload to the General photos section.

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