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Photos Professionally Critiqued

Have you felt that something wasn't quite right about one of your photos, but didn't know what? Or maybe you want to know what it takes to turn your good image into a great photo. I have put together a staff of professional photographers to provide critiques of your photos.

professional critiques

Selected Photos Critiqued

I’ll select six photos each week to be professionally critiqued, and I'll share the critiques with the whole group. You’ll discover what worked with the photo; what didn’t work; and how the image could be improved.

Over all three streams, there are 72 photos professionally critiqued each and every month! Yours might be next! And even if your image isn’t selected for critique, you’ll gain valuable insights and can apply this knowledge to your next shot.


selected photos are critiqued
Dash Assist

Guaranteed Professional Feedback

As a Dash Subscriber, you have the opportunity to take part in Dash Assist. Have ANY of your images critiqued by a professional photographer/coach (not just the ones you take while participating in the Dash). It's just like having an expert sitting by your side – someone in your court who reinforces what you do right, and gives you details on how to fix anything you did wrong. You’ll get advice in exactly the areas you need it.

Get Inside a Photographer's Mind

During their critiques, my professional photographers pick up on small details that are easy to miss (unless you've spent years mastering photography). For example, Sue Wong tried to add some texture to her image on the right. Her coach, Becki, congratulated Sue on her inguinuity, but noted there might be too too much texture. While the bright red leaf adds a point of interest, Becki suggested placing the leaf on some wood, or bare earth. Becki also had suggestions for placement of the leaf, and how to remove the harsh shadows.

Image by Sue Wong

Meet The Dash Professional Photographers and Coaches

Julia Harwood

Julia Harwood lives near Perth, Australia, is a member of the Australian Photography Society, and is an expert at nature photography and landscapes. She has won several competitions and her images have been used for interior design, calendars, greeting cards, tee shirts and fine art. She has donated some of her images to Hospitals in Italy, Croatia and other locations.

Image by Sue Wong
dash professional coaches

Becki Robins

Becki Robins is a Californian who has a strong background in photography including an associate in arts degree in commercial photography. She has been a hobby and professional photographer for more than a decade and has taken thousands of photos, some of which have been published and won awards. Becki is also an excellent writer with plenty of experience. As well as being a coach, Becki writes the weekly 'deep dive' articles including The Dash.

Cameron Mitchell

Cameron Mitchell is based in the South West of England. He has owned and managed two studios and had images exhibited in galleries throughout the U.K. Cameron combines his passion for photography with that for teaching (both online and in person). He relishes teaching people how to make the most of their cameras and how to improvise using everyday equipment. His photographs cover a diverse spectrum but he particularly enjoys landscape, macro and quirky image creation.

Image by Sue Wong

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