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Fun Tutorials, No Stress

Don’t let the fear of technical jargon stop you from making the most of your camera. I'll explain any technical references with clear language, and easy step by step instructions.

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unify stock quantities from multichannel selling

Articles and Videos

Twice a week, I'll send you articles (and sometimes videos) containing an easy new skill designed to vastly improve your photos. The course material is designed to be ‘short and sweet’ with no padding. If you’d like to spend more time, there is extra material so you can become immersed into the topic.

articles and videos
all skill levels

All Skill Levels, All Cameras

Just starting with your point and shoot camera? Recently upgraded to a bridge camera? Or have you been photographing for years with a DSLR? My tutorials have something for photographers of all skill levels. And you can use any camera from a cheap P&S to an expensive DSLR - or even the camera in your phone! The Dash is not about your camera’s gear; it’s about you, the person behind the camera.

Multiple Tutors

To truly understand a topic, it's sometimes helpful to read a number of explanations, each written in a slightly different way. So rather than hearing just from me, I've found the best authors and photographers from around the Internet. Together, we'll make sure you master your photography.

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Access Forever

Need a refresher? You'll receive permanent access to all the Dash course material (tutorials, critiques, images from other participants and more), even if you decide to cancel the course. So you can check back to boost your knowledge at any time.

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