Don't take another digital picture until you read this book! Someone has finally gotten into the "secret files" of top photographers and is sharing the information for the first time ever!

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Digital Photography Secrets

by David Peterson

A Book To Instantly Transform The
Quality of Your Digital Photographs



From the desk of David Peterson, Author and Digital Camera Buff


My name is David Peterson. Photography is my passion and I'm excited to have a chance to share that passion with you… along with a new book that I believe can instantly transform you into a better photographer.

I’ve been a photographer using film cameras since I was a little kid. When I bought my first digital camera, I excitedly opened the box and started taking lots of images. Eagerly, I transferred my first photos to my computer and printed them.

Needless to say I was very disappointed with the results. They didn’t look like the professional photos that I saw every day in magazines. My camera was expensive enough, why didn’t my pictures look a million dollars?

It turns out there was a very simple answer.

I didn’t know the secrets the professionals use every day to ensure their images look stunning each and every time. I found this out when a professional photographer friend of mine took me aside one day and told me the secrets he used.

I tried them all out and discovered that my images were MUCH, MUCH better. Not quite at the professional stage, but looking really good.

There's something you should know about me. I'm the kind of guy who likes to help out others. When I know about a great movie, a great bargain, or a great strategy for taking a picture, I want to share it with other people.

This book is the result of that philosophy.

I realized that not everyone was as lucky as me; not everyone has a friend who's a professional photographer. So, to "level" the picture-taking playing field, I decided to write a book myself on...

Everything the professionals know, but don’t want you to know about
using your digital camera to take stunning photos

This book covers everything you need to know to take stunning photos with your digital camera. It’s like having your very own professional photographer that you can reference any time you need to.

Do It By The Numbers

Superior digital photography is an art and Digital Photography Secrets lets you "paint by numbers" with:

21+ outstanding foundation secrets for taking better photographs

over 125 glorious full-color images explaining the secrets and technique

4 alternate ways to shoot an object to make a much more interesting photo

2 sneaky places to look to find fantastic shooting locations

3 unusual subjects that make great night-time shots

4 simple ways to save on battery power

2 additional parts of your digital camera you should also keep clean - but most people never do

9 advantages of digital cameras over film cameras

6 reasons people still use film camera.

4 ways to ensure you use the correct white balance when taking your shots

"It is easy to read and thus easy to understand, and has turned taking pictures into a much more enjoyable experience. It is also very comprehensively and compact-ably informative, especially the sessions about the formats, printing and papers." -- Michele Ch'I

Be The "Go-To" Digital Photographer
Wherever You Go

Would you like to be the person people go to whenever they want to take stunning shots they want to keep forever?. I've put together special "shooting galleries" -- chapters filled with the tricks and strategies you need for

Shooting at weddings
Shooting while on vacation
Shooting at night or in low light
Shooting fireworks displays
Shooting perfect action photos
Shooting mountain vistas
Shooting sports events
Shooting stunning sunsets

"This is my first night shot after using the Tips just after dusk & tripod, filling the frame and reflections. I was extremely happy with this one. No Photoshop touch up was needed in my mind"
Mark Bowden

Easy How-To Information

All your frequently asked questions are covered in detail, along with practical, usable information on subjects including:

How to deepen the contrast and color in the sky
How to get a pleasing and nicely balanced photo
How to add color and flavor to your image
The 1-2-3 method to avoid blurry images
The easy way to add sparkle to your subject's eyes.

"I love the book. It's not only informative, but you've written it in simple 'novice' terms . You have also covered a lot of ground which is great as a refresher for the pro's or as a learning tool for the beginner. It's concise without a lot of sidetrack rambling as I've seen in some books which have wondered off topic to break into the technical, which I'm glad you didn't do.."
-- Wendy Arthur


This book is concise, to-the-point and practical. If you want a book filled with philosophical discussions, theoretical musings, and page after page of fluff on the "art" vs. the "science" of photography…please do NOT order this book.

Digital Photography Secrets "distills" the secrets of professional picture-taking to its essence… There's no history, no mystery, no trivia, and you won't find any amusing anecdotes about "the digital photographer and the farmer's daughter."

Here's what you will find:

Insider Secrets and Solutions

You'll get the "tricks of the trade" that experienced photographers have tried to keep hidden away in order to protect their livelihood.

Well, I think there's "room enough in this town for everyone"…everyone who wants to capture important moments, document events, or use their digital camera like an artist's canvas and brush. That's why I'll tell you:

What to do if you need to take a low light shot and you don't have a tripod to steady the camera

3 times to NOT to use your camera's automatic settings. (Most people…even some so-called pros, have no idea on this one!)

The 2 elements experienced photographers always look for in nature photography

The 3 rules professionals use to compose their images correctly… and when to ignore the rule

"I've attended a few courses on photography including the on-line course. But none of it that gave me a straight and layman explanation until I received your secrets of photography. Even with the early few secrets, I have tried and got wonderful and meaningful images that I have been trying all these years. Thanks David for your brilliant and systematic approach."
Nazaruddin Abu Zaharin

Special Cautions, Precautions and Warnings That the Pros Never Forget

I'll help you "insulate" yourself from worst-case scenarios:

Never place your memory card near this!
3 conditions that cause the dreaded "red eye" and two ways to remove it.
How the sun could damage your camera
The features of your camera you should never use
The 2 pieces of equipment professionals never leave the house without

"Your lessons are clear, precise and so easy to understand. The pictures you included really helped to cement the points. In the later chapters I enjoyed your discussions on travel, children's photography, visualization, etc."
-- Janet Kinney

Become a Kid Magnet

You'll never stress out again working with pint-sized subjects thanks to strategies like:

10 tips for taking winning shots involving tots
Ideas for making kiddie photo sessions easier for parents, kids, and YOU

Keep It Clean!

Learn the techniques to keep your equipment in top working order including:

The one common household item you should never use to clean your camera
The most important part of your camera to keep clean
Five items on your camera that you must maintain

Digital Only

Some of what you'll learn in this book are "basics" of good photography: composition, lighting, etc. But you'll find lots of special insights on the special needs of the digital photographer including:

Help with bridging the gap from film cameras to digital
Why your image won't look the same once printed as it does on the screen
What to tell your photo shop so they print your photos correctly
How to know if your digital photos will be cropped when printing, and how to avoid it.
The best kind of printer to purchase so you can avoid the photo shop
4 things to look for when buying a photo cartridge kit
How to ensure your printed photos stay around for a lifetime (or more)

Plus lots of extra secrets on taking mesmerizing images!!!


Act immediately and you'll receive the following extra bonuses at no additional cost!

FREE BONUS #1 - Photography Jargon Explained

Break the Code!

Learn the buzzwords, jargon, and special "language" of
the experienced photographer including:

  • Plain English descriptions of your camera's complex manual settings
  • What EXIF is and what to do with it
  • What Exposure Value is and how it affects your images
  • What a starburst is and why it should be used sparingly

FREE BONUS #2 - Secrets Cheat Sheet

This laminated cheat sheet captures the top 20 secrets given in the book and condenses them into a handy take-along reference.

No need to memorize anything anymore! Store it with your camera!

FREE BONUS #3 - Reducing Noise in your Digital Photos

What causes noise in your digital images? How do you reduce or remove this unwanted effect? Find out in this special report where I discuss all about digital camera noise. There's even a video where I show you how to use a noise reduction program to remove noise!

FREE BONUS #4 - Using Flickr

Flickr is the hottest photo sharing site online. It's a fantastic resource for sharing your photos with your friends and for finding others who like to photograph the same things as you. In these easy videos, I'll show you how to use the Flickr site and how to upload and share your photos.

"If you want to be taken seriously as a photographer, you need this book. Even my father who is a professional photographer is impressed, and now will discuss my pictures…Thank you again for giving me a new career."
Patricia Senior


Simply click on one of the order links below. I will ship your book the day after I receive your order to ensure you wil be "shooting like a pro" as soon as possible. The book is printed in full color on good quality paper, and spiral bound so you can bend the back page over for easy reading when out and about.

For those who want to start immediately, the entire book is also available in an electronic format that you can either print out onto paper or read on your PC. The advantage of an ebook is that it can be delivered instantly, there are no printing or shipping costs and you can keep it ever-ready for use on your computer desktop.


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You can get the electronic version of Digital Photo Secrets right now and be reading it in minutes for only $47. The printed edition costs a little more because I need to print and ship the book to your door

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Think of the wonderful memories you'll want to look at time and time again? Think about having your friends WANT to come over for 'slide night' - just to see your photos!

You Get So Much for So Little!

"[I have found the books] very well organised with plenty of useful hints. Would say these are must have books which are clear and stimulating. Well done and congratulations!
Carlos Oliveira, Portugal
Some people spend thousands of dollars to take photography classes at universities and private studios. They often end up with lots of "academic" theories…but not a lot of practical information.

Others invest thousands in high-end, top-of-the-line, and cutting-edge equipment only to find out that even with the best digital camera and all the "bells and whistles," the pictures still don't take themselves. The camera sits on the shelf and the money…it's down the drain.

Digital Photography Secrets offers you a lifetime of knowledge and expertise for less than you'd pay for a one-year subscription to a photography magazine filled with ads, sales pitches, and well…"filler."

With Digital Photography Secrets, you get nothing but the good stuff…and at a very good price, too!

My current low price is only for my Introductory Internet Special! Once the special sale is complete, the price will be increasing again - perhaps doubling. So if you're at all interested, you should buy right now to get the amazing price discount and free gifts!

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed
No Risk and a BIG Reward

I want you to be 100% satisfied that the information and tools in this book provide you with the means to take stunning photos. And I understand that you may be skeptical about whether this book delivers everything I've promised.

So my suggestion to you: Try it…you'll like it. And if you don't like it… If you don't think that each page is filled to overflowing with ideas, tricks, and secret techniques for being "the best of the best"… If you don't honestly believe that my suggestions will ensure that you consistently take outstanding pictures…

Then simply let me know and I'll refund your purchase price (excluding postage). No questions and no hassles. I'll even give you 40 days to make up your mind.

So really now, what do you have to lose? A bunch of unusable photographs that are blurred or badly lit? "Red-eyed devil" shots that look like they belong in a horror film? Badly composed pictures that aren't worth the time it took to take them?

That's not really much to lose, is it? And you can gain so much!

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The world is filled with perfect pictures just waiting to happen. With Digital Photography Secrets, you can go out there and get 'em -- better, faster, and more consistently than ever before!

You won't believe how good you are!

Yours in digital success,

David Peterson


Don't take my word for what Digital Photography Secrets can do for you. Here's another few messages I've received from satisfied customers :

"Thank you for your book! Absolutely so easy to read and understand that my hobby seems to be taking on a life of it's own!"
-- Chris Butcher

"I am enjoying reading your book and so is my father who is professional! I have been using your tips with rather basic equipment, just a digital Cannon Power Shot A75. I am going to buy a Polaroid and a lens for doing close up images. I can't believe the difference your tips have made. When I look back at my old photos, I cringe, because there is so much unnecessary clutter in the background, and I haven't framed the picture well. All relegated to the bin! Now even my portraits are much better and so is everything else I shoot. I can send you a before and after photograph of how I used to take a portrait, and you will see the difference.

…I have a lot to learn yet but I think the improvement I have made with my pictures is 100%. I call the book my bible. I am a qualified artist and I have always loved photography but I hadn't a clue on how to get a good photograph. Many times I have been very disappointed when I have picked up my prints. Now I have a digital camera and I save a fortune on developing. I have been ripped off buy buying things on the internet, but this book has changed my life and I have even been asked to do a family album…"
-- Patricia Senior

"I've not completely read the entire book but .. now I receive much more rewarding comments like, "How did you get pictures like that?" and "I've got the same type of camera but my pictures sure are not that great. What are you doing that I am not?" The answer is simple. I am using the information that David Peterson has in his book. And, no I don't loan my books because I use them all the time.
Oh I do get the questions about, "What makes his book so good?" To which I simple inform them that he writes in a way that everyone can understand. In other words, like Sir Winston Churchill used to say: Never use a 50 cent word when a 25 cent word will do.
I've even had one of my pictures published in a local magazine that sure makes me feel good.
-- Lyn Simpson

"I have read [the book] at least twice now. I must say that it has really improved my photos and made the hobby much more enjoyable."
-- Ian Craig


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