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Don’t let another year go by without capturing the joy and wonder of your family this Christmas.

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"Photographing Christmas" Online Course

This course will boost your photography skills for the all important family get-together at Christmas by giving you structured lessons on family and holiday related topics for the three weeks leading up to Christmas. You’ll learn how to:

  • Take wonderful group shots of your family/friends that you will look back on for years to come
  • Capture the magic of Christmas through the lens of your camera
  • Discover the ‘good side’ of your family’s faces. With these results, they won’t mind you taking photos of them!
  • Shoot beautiful photos of Christmas lights at night
  • And much more...
“A well constructed course with varying subject matters, with plenty of reference information to use as a guide. I learnt a lot of new techniques which I have not attempted to use before. I would recommend this course to others, and would sign up again for similar courses in the future. Many thanks.”- James | Hastings UK

What You'll Learn

Twice a week I'll send you the course content for each topic. As we build towards the 'big day', you'll build on steps you learned earlier in the month to take better and better photos.

1-Dec: Portraits- We’ll discuss the best ways to take fantastic portrait shots, from lighting to composition and how your subject should sit. I’ll get you to practice taking a few portrait shots today, so you’ll know exactly what to do when your family arrives for Christmas.

2-Dec: Christmas Lights- On 2nd December, I’ll show you how to add Christmas magic in your photos. From capturing your children (or grandchildren) putting up decorations, to the Christmas tree and those wonderful in-store holiday themes.

5-Dec: Detail Shots- Today, we’ll learn how to take magical shots at night. You’ll learn the camera settings to take superb Christmas light photos – either with your own decorations, or those around your area.

9-Dec: Groups- One of the biggest problems with taking family photos is the group dynamic - getting more than two people to look at the camera and smile at the same time can be a huge hassle. Today, I'll give you plenty of techniques to overcome that... as well as some time-tested group placement tips.

12-Dec: Bokeh Lights- Bokeh is where the background lights are blurred and look like soft orbs of light. Today, I'll show you how to create this wonderful effect in your camera... as well as some special tricks like changing the orbs to a custom shape (like hearts!)

16-Dec: Capture Preparations- Sometimes photos taken while making preparations convey more than those taken on the 'big day'. I'll show you what to look for, for the biggest impact.

19-Dec: Christmas Magic- The anticipation is building! Today, I'll help you inject some Christmas Magic into your photos.

23-Dec: Checklist / Holiday Cards- We're almost there! Today, I'll give you some checklists you can follow to make sure you get all the shots you want on Christmas Day. And we'll look at creating interesting 'holiday cards' of your family.

I'll show you how to create unique images of your family.

Learn how to create wonderful glowing shapes of light!

See four tricks for taking night photos of Christmas Lights.

All Skill Levels

Just starting out with photography? Do you know the basics, but want to continue improving? Have you been photographing for years? No matter your skill level, I've got something for you in this course!

All Camera Types

Do you have a cheap point and shoot camera? Have you recently upgraded to a bridge camera? Or own a DSLR? In this course, you'll be able to use any camera from a cheap P&S to an expensive DSLR - or even the camera in your phone!

Access Forever

Need a refresher? You’ll receive permanent access to the course material (tutorials, challenges, images from other participants and more). Check back to boost your knowledge at any time.

What You'll Receive

I've included heaps of content inside "Photographing Christmas" to help you on your way to creating meaningful and mesmerizing photos.

Quality Tutorials

Twice a week through December, I'll send you tutorials containing step-by-step instructions for an easy new skill - designed to vastly improve your photos. The course material is designed to be 'short but effective' with no padding. If you’d like to spend more time, there is extra material so you can become immersed into the topic. My tutorials suit photographers at all levels - from beginners to pros. I'll fully explain all technical terms and you'll get the benefit of my many years of experience.

8 'Cheat Sheets'

I'll send a cheat sheet with every new course topic. Keep it on your phone (or print and take with you). Each is packed with the most useful tips and tricks for taking the best photos. And, where appropriate, I'll tell you the camera settings to use for the best results.

"Photographing Christmas" EBook

All the course information will be compiled into a handy-to-reference ebook, so you can read on a tablet, or print and read while experimenting with your camera.

Inspiration from the World

Having trouble finding inspiration for your photos? Our community is active, strong and lively! See photos from other countries and cultures and share your own creations.

Dash Content Re-written

"Photographing Christmas" is based on the "Christmas Dash" I ran in 2013 and 2014. However, this course has been completely re-written using feedback from participants of the original courses. If you participated in one of the Christmas Dashes, you're in for a completely different experience! The content is the same as the 2015 course, with all new challenges.

'Lock In' Your Knowledge

I'll include three photographic assignments with each of the eight course topics; giving you the opportunity to practice and 'lock in' what you've learned. One assignment is aimed for Beginner Photographers, one for Intermediate photographers, and one for Advanced photographers.

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Photographing Christmas

Sorry, this course is closed. Try again for Christmas 2021!


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  • Is this just for DSLR owners? No! This course caters for any gear from a DSLR to the camera on your phone! Taking great photos is not about what camera you have - it's about knowing how to capture any scene.
  • Can I read it on my iPad or tablet? Yes. The course can be viewed by any device that has access to the Internet using your browser. Or you can download the ebook and take it with you!
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