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Add an amazing new dimension to your images by using your Flash!

Master Your Camera's Flash!

  • 4 Day Course for creating amazing images with a flash
  • Fix Flash-terrors (like red eye and washed out faces)
  • Use your camera's inbuilt Flash to the max!
  • Get started with Off-Camera Flash

Free 4 Day Flash Photography Course

No External Flash Needed! You don't need to purchase a flash to benefit from this course. Almost everything I teach works with the exsting flash built into your camera.

Flash Has A Bad Reputation!

It's not surprising when you see images like the one on the left! Your beautiful child looks like a demon posessed. And there's an ugly flash-shadow behind him.

It Doesn't Need To Be This Way!

I'll show you how to avoid the six most common flash problems (halos, wash outs, red-eye, glare, dark subject and dark backgrounds)

What This Course Will Teach You

You'll discover how to master your camera's flash (with techniques for both inbuilt and external flashes).

Don't Get Stung By Red Eye Again!

The best way to use a flash is to take a photo that doesn’t look like it was shot with a flash!

I'll show you how in this course.

What's In The Course

This is a free 4 day course on Flash Photography.

We'll start with the basics:

  • why flash has such a bad rap
  • how using the flash alters how the shutter speed works
  • why you shouldn't use your flash in a stadium
  • the 6 common problems with flash... and how to eliminate them!

Then we'll build on that knowledge to further improve your photos by:

  • showing you how to get the most out of both your inbuilt, and external flashes.
  • techniques to offset, diffuse, and direct the flash light exactly where you want it.

Flash can be used to ensure your subject is as brightly lit as the background. Source

Fixes for Common Flash Pitfalls!

Have you encountered any of these common problems with Flash?
For each problem, I'll explain the cause and provide a solution .

Your subject is dimly lit, or doesn’t appear in the photo at all. Source

The background is black. Source

Your subject is washed out, or the highlights are too bright. Source

Your photo has glare and/or reflections. Source

Your subject has black “halo” shadows directly behind him. Source

Your human subject’s eyes are red, or your non-human subject’s eyes are green/white/yellow. Source

I've helped more than 469,022 photographers improve their photography with my easy step-by-step courses.

I can improve your photos too!

About David

My name is David Peterson and I have been teaching photographers all around the world since 2005.

My motto is "Help the world take better photos" and I plan to continue to do this by providing free photography tips on my website.

Unlike most other photography teachers, I realize that most people don't need to know the technical details of their camera to take a great shot. So my courses explain every technique in a non-technical way along with lots of examples.

It is my hope that on this website, I can help you come to that same realization too!

David Peterson.

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Some words from folks who've tried my courses...

Your lessons are clear, precise and so easy to understand. The pictures you included really helped to cement the points.dps

Janet Kinney Hawaii, USA

I've attended a few courses on photography including the on-line course. But none of it that gave me a straight and layman explanation until I received your secrets of photography. Even with the early few secrets, I have tried and got wonderful and meaningful images that I have been trying all these years. Thanks David for your brilliant and systematic approach.

Nazaruddin Abu Zaharin

Just started your free course and my photos have improved from Day One! Thanks.

Lisa-Jane Victoria, Australia