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Create Gorgeous Landscape Photographs!

  • 5 Day Course for Amazing Landscapes
  • Use ANY camera! Even a camera phone.
  • The 7 easy fundamentals to turn 'mediocre' into 'magnificent'
  • The best light for landscapes (and no, it's not a bright sunny day)
  • Two ways to get your whole image into sharp focus
  • The 4 best landscape subjects

Free 5 Day Landscape Photography Course

Majestic Landscapes Like This Are Easy!

... when you know the tricks

Don't 'point and hope'! Learn how to capture stunning and engaging landscape photos you'll want to hang on walls.

I'll show you how to give your camera (and yourself) a little help so you can take breathtaking shots like the ones on this page.

What This Course Will Teach You

You'll discover the 5 simple steps to taking great landscape photos. So you can spend more time drinking in the wonderful view (and not fiddling with the settings on your camera).

I've helped more than 469,022 photographers improve their photography with my easy step-by-step courses.

I can improve your photos too!

What's In The Course

This is a free 5 day course on Landscape Photography.

We'll start with the basics:

  • which automatic modes on your camera to use to ensure your whole image is in focus
  • when to steady your camera (and how and why!)
  • setup the scene to make the photo look 'interesting'

Then we'll build on that knowledge to further improve your Landscape photos by adding tricks to:

  • show a sense of scale
  • subtly show the majesty of nature
  • direct where your viewer looks first

No Jargon - Use ANY Camera!

I've avoided using technical jargon in my courses and ebooks, so you'll get amazing insights; even if you're new to photography. And when I use a term that not everyone would know, I link to a separate article that fully explains the term.

And you can use your current camera! My techniques work for Point and Shoot, Bridge and DSLR cameras - even the camera on your phone!

About David

My name is David Peterson and I have been teaching photographers all around the world since 2005.

My motto is "Help the world take better photos" and I plan to continue to do this by providing free photography tips on my website.

Unlike most other photography teachers, I realize that most people don't need to know the technical details of their camera to take a great shot. So my courses explain every technique in a non-technical way along with lots of examples.

It is my hope that on this website, I can help you come to that same realization too!

David Peterson.

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Some words from folks who've tried this...

I found this [course] really helpful in improving my landscape photographs. I used to put my finger on the shutter button and just press it without thinking. Now I think about what I'm shooting. You have made me love taking landscape and birds and animals pictures so much more enjoyable.

Cathy Croteau BC, Canada

I look at landscape differently now. I see a big improvement I my composition.

Muriel Lohnes Massachusetts, USA

I'm amazed at how much [this] has opened my eyes to what is around me. I am forever looking at the clouds, the landscapes and any points of interest that might make a good shot!! I recently travelled to Europe and only wish I had taken this course earlier so that my photos would have been so much better.

Michael Bruni BC, Canada