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Sunsets/Sunrise Stream - Day 3 - Perfect Components

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Today's Topic: Perfect Components

It goes without saying that the Sun needs to be a big part of any Sunset image. However, there are lots of other elements can include to turn your sunset into something splendid!

Main Article - The perfect components for your sunset image

Extra reading (if you have more time):

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Article - Photographing Sunrise and Sunset (Photo Review)
Article - Better Sunset Photography (Picture Correct)
Article - Riding Off Into The Sunset - 7 Tips to Photograph The Perfect Sundown (121 Clicks)
And for inspiration, see the Flickr gallery on sunset photos.


Beginner Challenge

It is easy to get carried away and take a shot that's just about the sunset but great shots need other components. Carefully compose and take a sunset shot with a foreground object and a natural frame.

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Intermediate Challenge

Symmetry from reflections provides interest and balance to your shot and can make a great addition to your portfolio. Using the rule of odds and a reflective surface compose and take sunset landscape.

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Advanced Challenge

Use all your skills to add interest to a color bathed sky by shooting a nature shot of a flock of birds against the setting sun.

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Photo Critiques

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What's Next?

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