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Sunsets Stream - Day 1 - Sunset Photography Basics

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Today's Topic: Sunset Photography Basics

Today, we're going to cover the foundations of photographing sunsets/sunrise with your camera - what mode to use, equipment and composition. Don't worry about taking it all in today. We'll cover each step in much more detail during the month.

Main Article - Sunset Photography Basics

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Beginner Challenge

Sunset are magical we can't help but stop to look, so they make great subjects. Pick a location where the sunsets near an interesting tree or rock formation. Set your camera to a scene mode and take your shot.

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Intermediate Challenge

Altering your cameras white balance allows you to change how colors are shown. Set your white balance to tungsten to make the most of the blues and purples as you shoot a person silhouetted against the sky.

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Advanced Challenge

Sunsets turn entire skies spectacular colors. For this challenge I want you to zoom in and fill the frame with a dramatic cloudy sky bursting with color as the sun goes down.

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Photo Critiques

Although you have a week to complete the challenge for each topic, it's better to complete the challenge and upload your photo sooner rather than later. I'll be selecting photos from the list of those that have been uploaded for a critique by one of our coaches. I'll share that critique with everyone. So to increase the chances of your image being selected, upload your challenge image quickly.

What's Next?

I'll send your next topic "Vibrant Sunsets" on 4 May. From that point on, we'll have two topics 'on the go' for the rest of the Dash.

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