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Sunsets Stream - Day 8 - Next Level

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Today's Topic: Next Level

Today, I’ll show you some advanced methods for further improving your sunset images (although these techniques work with other types of photos too). We’ll look at saving your photos in RAW, creating HDR images, and Panoramas.

Main Article - Taking it to the next level: shoot in RAW, create some HDRs and experiment with panoramas

Extra reading on each of the topics for today (if you have more time):

RAW Mode

Article - The Benefits of a Raw File Format (Digital Photo Secrets)
Article - 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Shooting RAW (Photography Concentrate)
Article - From JPEG to RAW: A Beginners Guide to Start Shooting in RAW – The Easy Way (Christine Greve)

Creating HDR

Article - What is High Dynamic Range (HDR)? (Digital Photo Secrets)
Video - HDR Ep 115: Take & Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey: Adorama Photography TV (Adorama)
Article - Tips for Great HDR Sunsets (Digital Photography School)


Article - How to take a Perfect Panoramic Photograph (Digital Photo Secrets)
Gallery - 24 Outstanding Panoramas (Digital Photo Secrets)
Article - How to Take Great Panorama Photos (Photography Blog)


Beginner Challenge

HDR processing of even a single image can add texture and atmosphere to a frame. Take a single RAW frame and as you process it keep in mind that you’re processing to add atmosphere while being careful not to drop the quality of the shot as you work it.

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Intermediate Challenge

Shooting in RAW gives you the opportunity to process the shots you take a lot harder than you could with a JPG file. Use this to your advantage as you take a head and shoulders sunset portrait of someone enjoying the last few rays of the sun before it sets.

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Advanced Challenge

Shooting into the sun can be risky so take care as you shoot a set of shots to process into a single frame that keeps as much detail as possible in the setting sun as well as the shadier and darker areas in the scene. If the sun’s bright and there’s a lot of shadow be prepared to take several RAW shots to bring out all the detail.

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Photo Critiques

As part of the Dash, I'll be providing feedback on your photos by selecting three images per topic per stream and asking my pro photographers (who critique the images for Dash Assist) to provide some feedback. Over the entire Dash you'll see pro reviews of 24 photos. I'll be selecting some great images, and some not-so-great photos, so you can see why the great ones look great, and how to improve the rest.

How do you get YOUR image selected? Simply upload your image to Dash Insider and I'll see it when I'm selecting the images to critique.

Course Materials Continue To Be Available

Do I still have access to the materials once the Dash is complete? Yes, you do. You will continue to have access to the Dash Insider site after the Dash ends which contains all the links to your course material (or you can keep the email I sent to you this month). I recommend you log into Dash Insider every now and then to look at some of the fantastic photos others have uploaded to the General area for inspiration.

More to come...

Although this is your last day for new course content, I'll still be in contact for another week to provide critiques on some of your uploaded images for Days 7 and 8.

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