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Sunsets Stream - Day 6 - Sunset Phases

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Today's Topic: Sunset Phases

Sunset has three distinct phases, and it’s handy to know how to photograph each phase. That’s today’s lesson.

Main Article - What Modes to Use for Each Phase

Extra reading (if you have more time):

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Article - The Types of Twilight (The Photographer's Ephemeris)
Article - Understanding Golden Hour, Blue Hour and Twilights (Photo Pills)
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Beginner Challenge

That very brief time between the sun vanishing and everything going dark is a great time to catch really vibrant colors in the sky. Use that last few seconds of light to get a shot that shows a color packed natural scene.

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Intermediate Challenge

Evenings are great for colorful skies but you can do better than just a pretty sky by taking a long exposure that includes either running water or moving clouds in the scene. Take a shot that shows both movement and perspective in a frame that’s all about travel.

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Advanced Challenge

Old buildings are often illuminated with electric lights to prevent dark and deep shadows. This looks great to passersby but it’s a real challenge for a photographer. Find a local monument and take a shot of it when the soft and diffuse light is doing most of the lighting but the electric lights are on and acting as fill lights.

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Photo Critiques

As part of the Dash, I'll be providing feedback on your photos by selecting three images per topic per stream and asking my pro photographers (who critique the images for Dash Assist) to provide some feedback. Over the entire Dash you'll see pro reviews of 24 photos. I'll be selecting some great images, and some not-so-great photos, so you can see why the great ones look great, and how to improve the rest.

How do you get YOUR image selected? Simply upload your image to Dash Insider and I'll see it when I'm selecting the images to critique.

What's Next?

I'll send your next topic "Turn Around" on 21 May.


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