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Sunsets Stream - Day 5 - Silhouettes

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Today's Topic: Silhouettes

Sunsets are made for silhouettes. There’s something magical about seeing an outline of a black object in front of a golden sunset. But there is a knack to capturing the right silhouette. That’s what we’ll cover today.

Main Article - Silhouettes (as focal points)

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Beginner Challenge

Silhouettes against the setting sun make dramatic pictures. Capture details in your foreground silhouette as you use the sunset to make a colorful blurred background. Follow the theme of crops and farming.

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Intermediate Challenge

A sunset reflected in a lake or a calm sea gives a warm and safe feel to the world. Oppose that feeling by showing the beginning of an adventure as a silhouette against the comfortable backdrop of the ending day.

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Advanced Challenge

Using a frame can add value to your shot and if you can use something natural it’s going to give you more choice with the shapes you’ve got to work with. Have a look around your yard or local park and frame your sunset with an interesting foliage silhouette.

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Photo Critiques

As part of the Dash, I'll be providing feedback on your photos by selecting three images per topic per stream and asking my pro photographers (who critique the images for Dash Assist) to provide some feedback. Over the entire Dash you'll see pro reviews of 24 photos. I'll be selecting some great images, and some not-so-great photos, so you can see why the great ones look great, and how to improve the rest.

How do you get YOUR image selected? Simply upload your image to Dash Insider and I'll see it when I'm selecting the images to critique.

What's Next?

I'll send your next topic "Sunset Phases" on 18 May.


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