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Sunsets Stream - Day 7 - Turn Around

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Today's Topic: Turn Around

All this month, we’ve been taking photos of the setting (or rising) sun. But we’ve ignored another great reason for taking photos at sunset – the ‘golden hour’ light that covers the world and makes for stunning photos. We’ll tackle that today!

Main Article - Turn Around!

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Beginner Challenge

Day seven and it’s time for a lie down. By evening there’s a good chance that even the long grass has dried enough for you to get among it for a shot taken at the golden hour. This shot needs to be one you’ve taken from ground level with the aim of including as many different plant varieties as possible. Use the diffused golden hour light to avoid those dark areas you’d expect if you took the shot earlier in the day.

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Intermediate Challenge

Getting lens flare is easy, using it well is a little harder. Use it to boost a shot that shows the sun setting on a scene that would otherwise look too dull to bother with.

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Advanced Challenge

Even a city can look good during the golden hour and for this shot that’s where you need to be. Don’t just shoot directly at a building lit by the evening sun though, I’d like you to take a great shot of a reflection that shows the sun shining on the buildings behind you.

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Photo Critiques

As part of the Dash, I'll be providing feedback on your photos by selecting three images per topic per stream and asking my pro photographers (who critique the images for Dash Assist) to provide some feedback. Over the entire Dash you'll see pro reviews of 24 photos. I'll be selecting some great images, and some not-so-great photos, so you can see why the great ones look great, and how to improve the rest.

How do you get YOUR image selected? Simply upload your image to Dash Insider and I'll see it when I'm selecting the images to critique.

What's Next?

I'll send your next topic "Next Level" on 25 May.


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