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Introduction To Flash Photography

  • Use your camera's inbuilt Flash to the max!
  • Avoid Flash-terrors (like red eye and washed out faces)
  • Get started with Off-Camera Flash
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Harness the power of your camera's flash!

A flash is the single most important accessory for your camera.

With 'lightning in a bottle', you can freeze action solid, tame harsh midday sunlight, balance (or unbalance) the color in a scene, mimic studio lighting, and produce wild and weird effects — all with no software required.

But flash also comes with it's own set of problems... unless you know the tricks to avoiding them.

In this ebook, I'll show you these simple techniques.

Learn how to use both your camera's internal popup flash and external flash to create stunning photos in any lighting situation!

Use 'fill flash' to highlight your main subject against a brightly-lit background. Source

Fixes for Common Flash Pitfalls!

Have you encountered any of these common problems with Flash?
For each problem, I'll explain the cause and provide a solution .

Your subject is dimly lit, or doesn’t appear in the photo at all. Source

The background is black. Source

Your subject is washed out, or the highlights are too bright. Source

Your photo has glare and/or reflections. Source

Your subject has black “halo” shadows directly behind him. Source

Your human subject’s eyes are red, or your non-human subject’s eyes are green/white/yellow. Source

What's in the 74 page eBook?

  • Immediately start to use your Flash effectively.
  • Learn to recognize the common pitfalls, and how to make sure they don't happen!
  • Take better photos in the midday sun using the Flash!
  • How to use both your Inbuilt Flash and Off-Camera Flash
  • And we'll have some fun with all your new-found flash powers!
  • Jumpstart Your Creativity with Assignments.Throughout the e-book, I'll provide 24 photography assignments giving you plenty of creative ideas for using your flash.
  • Read the content online, or download the eBook (pdf or epub format) and take it with your camera. Read on any mobile device.

I don't have a flash! What kind should I get?

You don't need to purchase a flash to benefit from this e-book.

But if you'd like to purchase an external flash, I'll explain the different kinds of flashes and which ones I recommend.

And I'll send you some sources for ultra-cheap flashes.

Chapter List

1. Introduction to Flash Photography

We'll start with a general overview of what the Flash accomplishes and why it has such a bad reputation. And I'll provide some techniques so you can immediately start to use your Flash effectively.

2. Using your Inbuilt Flash

Almost all cameras come with a flash. Unfortunately, the position of this flash (right near your camera's lens) causes most of the problems we associate with Flash. I'll provide four ways you can use your inbuilt flash without the problems!

3. Off Camera Flashes

These external flashes can sit on top of your camera, or even be used when not physically connected to your camera. I'll explain the most common types of external flashes and when to use each type.

4. Using Flash Well

What is it that separates a great flash photo from a terrible flash photo? Well, great flash photos don’t look like flash photos. In this chapter, I'll show you how to accomplish exactly that! I'll also talk about the different ways to diffuse (or concentrate) your flash's light.

5. Fill Flash and Slow Sync

Flash isn't just to be used when it's dark. Using Fill Flash will actually help you take better photos in the midday sun! I'll also explain a technique to use flash when there is some ambient light in your scene, but not enough to fully light your subject.

6. Understanding Flash-Sync Speed

When using a flash, you can't usually set a shutter speed on your camera faster than 1/250 second. I'll explain why, as well as a technique to still be able to photograph fast action with a flash called "High Speed Sync".

7. Common pitfalls

I'll explain the common problems with photos that use a flash. I'll show you how to recognize each type, and provide techniques to eliminate them all.

8. Fun with Flash

Now, let's have a good time with all your new-found flash powers. I'll show you how to capture some really fantastic effects with slow sync flash; using flash gels; and capturing really high speeds (like wings of a hummingbird).

Flash can be used to ensure your subject is as brightly lit as the background. Source

Use a flash to add a three dimensional quality to your image.

I'll show you how to use your flash to create special effect shots (without an image editor) Source

No Jargon - Use ANY Camera!

I've avoided using technical jargon in my courses and ebooks, so you'll get amazing insights; even if you're new to photography. And when I use a term that not everyone would know, I link to a separate article that fully explains the term.

More advanced photographers will love the "Assignments" section where I challenge you to take your camera to the limits!

And you can use your current camera! My techniques work for Point and Shoot, Bridge and DSLR cameras - even the camera on your phone!

Free Bonus worth $27
"Transport Photography"

Learn how to use your camera by photographing different modes of transport.

When you purchase "Flash Photography", I'll include "Transport Photography" for free. This is an 74 page ebook that will help you learn how to use your camera by showing you how to take amazing photos of cars, trains and planes.

Here's what's included in the ebook:

  • Introduction to Transport Photography
  • Panning
  • Motion Blur
  • Using A Fast Shutter Speed
  • Composition for High Speed Subjects
  • Lighting
  • Ordinary vs. Unusual Settings
  • Up Close: using detail, shape and form to create abstractions
  • Reflections
  • Light Trails
  • Photographing transportation without including vehicles
  • Other Creative Techniques
  • And a lot more!

Introduction To Flash Photography

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  • Do I need to purchase a flash? No! I'll show you how to take fabulous photos using your camera's inbuilt flash.
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