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Landscape Photography

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Master Landscape Photography!

Are you disappointed with your Landscape photos? You try to capture some of the awesome beauty you see when you're looking at some amazing vista.

But when you look at your photo, you don't see any of the grandeur or magic you saw when you were there. The gorgeous colors you saw when you took the photo have evaporated from your photo.

These issues are NOT a problem with your camera. All cameras are capable of taking majestic landscapes. They just need a little help.

In this ebook, I'll show you how to give your camera (and yourself) a little help so you too can take breathtaking shots like the ones on this page.

Learn the three essential elements of any great Landscape photo.

Bring Any Scene To Life!

Don't 'point and hope'! Learn how to capture stunning and engaging landscape photos you'll want to hang on walls.

What's in the 69 page eBook?

  • To capture a beautiful landscape in its entirety you need to keep it in focus, from foreground to background. I'll show you the best settings for capturing all-in-focus landscape images.
  • Not every natural setting makes a good landscape photo. I'll share my list of the best subjects for landscape photography - and some might surprise you!
  • How to 'show scale', and why it works so effectively.
  • The best type of light to create a large impact on your landscape.
  • I'll explain each of the three major styles of landscapes, and the differences between them.
  • Most landscapes freeze a specific moment in time. But that doesn't have to be the case! You'll learn a technique to show the passage of time in your photos (like wind-swept plains, moving clouds, or waves of water).
  • Read the content online, or download the eBook (pdf or epub format) and take it with your camera. Read on any mobile device.

Assignments: Jumpstart Your Creativity

To 'lock in' your new knowledge of landscapes, you'll need to practice your skills.

So throughout the e-book, I'll provide 24 photography assignments giving you plenty of creative ideas for subjects. I've structured the assignments to build up in difficulty, to help you build up your confidence as a landscape photographer.

Chapter List

1. Everything in Focus

Good focus is one of the keys to capturing a beautiful landscape in its entirety. I'll show you the best settings for capturing all-in-focus landscape images.

2. Best Landscape Subjects

Not every natural setting makes a good landscape photo. I'll share my list of the best subjects for landscape photography - some might surprise you. I'll also answer the question "Is it still a landscape if there’s something manmade in it?"

3. Include a Foreground

Because we're packaging a huge landscape into a small photo, we need a few tricks to give viewers a sense of scale. I'll show you three ways successful landscape photographers show scale in landscapes, and why they work so effectively.

4. Composition: Lines

Many landscapes have a built-in horizontal line - the horizon. But there are other types of lines that enhance your landscape composition. You can even suggest peace and stability; or powerful and enduring in your photo with appropriately placed lines.

5. Weather and Light

Everyone thinks Summer is the best time for landscapes. It's not! In this chapter, we'll add drama using clouds; show how the quality of light in the morning and evening is infinitely better than at noon; and how light quality can have a large impact on your landscape.

6. Look for a Focal Point

In person, everything about a landscape is striking. That’s the beauty of nature! But in photographs, landscapes almost never look as striking as they did in person. That's because we use all our senses to experience an amazing vista. But a photographer can only use one of those senses - vision - to portray the scene. To help your viewer get a sense of what it must be like to stand there in that beautiful setting, find a focal point.

7. Styles of Landscape

Did you know you don’t have to always go for realism when you’re shooting landscapes? There are actually three major styles of landscape photography. I'll explain each and give you a taste of what's possible when you don't need to faithfully reproduce what you see.

8. Capture Movement

Most of the time, when we shoot a landscape, we’re not really concerned about moving things. We're freezing a specific moment in time. But why stop there? Things happen in nature — water moves, clouds pass by, the wind blows the grass, animals and insects come and go. In the last chapter, we'll cover how to capture that movement in your landscapes.

Here we've used the weather to our advantage to highlight the isolation of a lighthouse landscape. Image Source

Adding a sense of scale helps you show the expanse of the landscape, and adds interest as well. Image Source

Learn how to capture movement in your landscape photos. Image Source

No Jargon - Use ANY Camera!

I've avoided using technical jargon in my courses and ebooks, so you'll get amazing insights; even if you're new to photography. And when I use a term that not everyone would know, I link to a separate article that fully explains the term.

More advanced photographers will love the "Assignments" section where I challenge you to take your camera to the limits!

And you can use your current camera! My techniques work for Point and Shoot, Bridge and DSLR cameras - even the camera on your phone!

Free Bonus worth $27 - "Pets and Animals"

How to take spectacular shots of all creatures great and small.

When you purchase "Landscape Photography", I'll include "Pets and Animals" for free. This is an 87 page ebook that will help you take spectacular shots of your pets, birds, and animals in the wild.

Here's what's included in the ebook:

  • Animal Basics
  • Pets
  • Larger Wildlife
  • Birds
  • Capturing Personality
  • Taking Zoo Photos
  • Tack Sharp Animal Photos
  • Appropriate Backgrounds
  • And a lot more!

Landscape Photography

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Landscapes aren't required to have recognisable subjects. Try your hand at abstract landscapes! Image Source