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by David Peterson

Ask a Photo Pro:

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"Easy Fixes for Bad Photos"

A look at the most common photography problems... and the easy ways to fix them.

You'll find out:

  • The biggest mistakes made by amateurs
  • How to gain a 'photo radar' so you can zoom in on a problem and fix it straight away
  • Eliminate blurry photos
  • Take night or indoor photos without fuss
  • Secrets to make your friends envious of your skills
  • How to achieve the 'backlit sun' look
  • The best ways to improve vibrancy in your photos
  • Ideas you may not have thought of to jazz your existing photos
  • What those annoying image blemishes are, and how to fix them
  • Unique ideas for photo locations
  • Ways to reduce digital camera noise (and what causes it in the first place)
  • Dozens of examples
  • And much more...