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by David Peterson

Photo Critiques:

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Ask yourself :

Am I Taking The Best Shots I Can Right Now?

I've designed this breakthrough site so that you will get immensely satisfying results with your own photos FAST...

With the information in this critiques section, you'll:

  • Quickly know what's wrong with an image
  • Know exactly what to do to fix it - with minimal effort
  • Ensure that your photos are the only ones that your friends want reprints of!

This isn't about "taking some slightly better looking images" or "getting published in a magazine". This is about TRULY TAKING CONTROL of your image taking and totally BEING PROUD OF the photos you create. Want to take photos for the cover of Time Magazine? What about images that consistently win photo competitions? Or maybe you have less lofty goals like taking beautiful images of your newborn, or grandkids?

That's definitely possible with this information. In fact, we've already had subscribers win competitions through the information here.