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Recreate This Photo

The exact steps for recreating twelve stunning photos.

We are going to try something new this month. Have you ever looked at a photo and wondered if you could recreate it? Maybe you liked how the main subjects related to each other, or how the lighting looked. This month, we're going to recreate the subject, theme, and shooting conditions of 12 unique photos and duplicate them as closely as possible.

Normally, I'd frown on this. It's not morally right (and sometimes not legal) to copy someone else's idea exactly and pass it off as your own. But this is a learning experience! As long as you don't try and pass your copy off as your own work, it's fine. This is your chance to practice recreating a photo! I'll be right alongside you - explaining how to recreate the original including what settings to use and how to look for the same opportunity. And I bet by the end of the month you'll be so used to thinking of lighting, composition and settings in terms of other people's work that you won't be able to help thinking of them in terms of your own work as well.

While the main focus of this topic is to recreate exactly each of these twelve photos, I also want you to add your own creative spin on these already existing ideas.

'Recreate This Photo' Course Content

  • Day 1: Landscape
  • Day 2: People
  • Day 3: Macro
  • Day 4: Studio/product
  • Day 5: Motion
  • Day 6: Urban
  • Day 7: Light
  • Day 8: Abstract

I'll show you how to recreate all these photos.

Image Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 plus photos from John Wilkinson and Diane Piper.

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