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Pets / Wildlife / Animals

How to take spectacular shots of all creatures great and small.

What is the Pets / Wildlife / Animals Dash?

Capturing our Pets and Animals in a photo requires some special skills - it's more involved than just pointing our camera at the closest animal. In the Pets / Animals / Wildlife stream, I'll show you how to take spectacular shots of all creatures great and small.

I'll show you how to capture your pet's personality for eternity, like in the photo on the right by Dash participant Janet Patkowa.

Pets / Wildlife / Animals Course Content

  • 1. Animal Basics
  • 2. Spotlight: Pets
  • 3. Capturing Personality
  • 4. Spotlight: Larger Wildlife
  • 5. Taking Zoo Photos
  • 6. Tack Sharp Animal Photos
  • 7. Spotlight: Birds
  • 8. Appropriate Backgrounds
  • 9. Celebration
  • In this stream, I'll show you how to capture wonderful close up images of pets, animals and birds like the photo on the left by Dash participant Terri Weston

Show your pet's personality!

On Day 5, I'll show you the tricks for taking photos at the zoo that look like they were taken on safari!

Learn the secrets for outstanding bird photography on Day 7.

In Detail

Animal Basics - What you need to know to get up and running quickly.

Spotlight: Pets - Pets don't stay still often. Today, I'll show you the tricks and techniques to capture amazing, professional-looking photos of your pets.

Capturing Personality - Animals have loads of personality, you just need to find it, and know when to click the shutter!

Spotlight: Larger Wildlife - The special precautions and equipment needed to photograph larger animals like lions and tigers.

Taking Zoo Photos - Even if you're never going to go on an African safari, there’s a next-best thing. It’s your local zoo. And if you follow my tips for today, your photos might look as if you actually went out on safari.

Tack Sharp Animal Photos - Because animals can't easily be commanded to sit still (like humans can), we need to develop additional techniques to capture a photo without blur. Even when fully zoomed in.

Spotlight: Birds - I love birds! They're one of my favorite subjects to photograph. But, like pets, they require some extra techniques to photograph well. Today, I'll show you how to photograph birds in your back garden, as well as photographing flying birds.

Appropriate Backgrounds - The best background for an animal, and how to achieve it in-camera.

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