Toy Photography

Tap into your child-like wonder and creativity.

Why Toy Photography?

We're all kids at heart! This month I'm going to help you unleash your creative potential with your camera using 'toys' as a medium.

Toys are appealing to all ages because they let us release our 'inner child'! And some toys (like RC cars and planes) are the most popular grown-up hobbies there are!

We'll learn how to photograph toys of all shapes and sizes - stuffed toys, miniatures, RC vehicles, well worn, and classic toys. I'll show you how to pose, imply action, and add scenery to bring life to our toys. And, of course, we'll spend some time photographing kids with their toys too.

Toy Photography Course Content

  • Day 1: Introduction to toy photography
  • Day 2: Product style
  • Day 3: Going macro
  • Day 4: Action
  • Day 5: Antique toys
  • Day 6: Playtime
  • Day 7: Telling a story
  • Day 8: Toy photography challenges

In Detail

Show the scale of your miniatures toys and objects. Image Source

Toys can take on a magical quality when seen through the eyes of kids.

Use props and scenery to conceal any brands or pegs

Day 1: Introduction to toy photography: We'll start by laying out the equipment, you'll need for effective toy photography. Don't worry though - you won't need an expensive camera. A point and shoot is fine. We'll also talk about the most appropriate lighting, as well as the camera settings you'll mostly use.

Day 2: Product style: A great way to start when photographing toys is the product shot. Today, we'll create a 'magazine' ad for our toys with even lighting and plain, featureless backdrop. These photos show our toys without any distractions. We'll see how to stage our subjects, and how to create an even light.

Day 3: Going macro: There are some extra tricks to know when photographing very small toys, like miniatures. It's extremely easy to mis-judge the focus, resulting in a not-so-crystal-clear image.

Day 4: Action! After spending the last few days at a table, let's shift gears and see how to shoot RC vehicles and other toys that go “vroom!”

Day 5: Antique toys: There's a huge market for antique toys. Today, I'll show you how to bring out the best in classic and beat-up toys.

Day 6: Playtime: Toys really do take on a new life when they’re in the hands of a child. Toys have a sort of reality to children that we don’t see as adults. Today, we'll make our toy photography shine by photographing that special relationship.

Day 7: Telling a story: Toys are meant to be played with. And I'm sure you've probably spent hours admiring how creative your children can be. They take them out into the backyard and build cities for them out of sticks, dirt, and scraps of wood. I'll show you how you can mimic this with your camera - using scenery and props to breathe life into your subjects.

Day 8: Toy photography challenges: Finally, we're going to add character to toys, by posing, concealing, adding character and implying action.