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Finding Duplicate Images On Your Computer

by David Peterson 3 comments

If you're like me, you have heaps of duplicate photos on your computer. Either from making copies of your photo directories, copying from your camera more than once, or even changing the size of the photo.

Thankfully there is now some free software that will find these duplicates for you!

Visipics is a great of software that finds all the duplicate photos on your hard drive and shows them to you. You can elect to keep just the high resolution version, the smaller file size version (to save hard drive space), or manually select a photo to keep. All the other duplicates are deleted for you.

The software doesn't just look for identical files either. It uses an image comparison algorythm to find identical images even when the photos are a different size; or saved with a different file format.

The makers claim that this software is faster than commercial equivalents because it makes the full use of your computer's processor to find duplicates. With the fast computers these days, I'm not sure this is much of an advantage. What I do like is that you can continue working on your computer while the program is finding duplicate files in the background.

Download for free from the maker's website or

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  1. Carol Chihara says:

    This sounds great, but it requires a PC. Is there something comparable for a MAC?

  2. Gaetan says:

    The program is very good.Some time ago, I turned my 'Photo hard disk' into a mess with as much as 3 to 5 copies of the same photo. Thanks to Visipics, everything semms to be in order now.

  3. daniela says:


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