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Intelligent Resizing Of Photos Is Finally Here

by David Peterson 4 comments

Every year or so, something radically new invades our digital photography world. I predict this technique for image resizing will be this year's contribution.

Until now, if you wanted to resize a photo, you could either resize the whole image, or crop parts of it. This means you either lose detail of your subjects, or lose parts of the image.

This method allows for Content Aware resizing of images. Seamlessly cut out the parts of the image that aren't as important while keeping the parts that are.

This technique has me very excited! I'm sure this method will be incorporated into all image editing programs in the next few years!

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  1. Mikey Collins says:

    This seems fantastic. Where can we see more and even get it.

  2. Elaine says:

    That was SO impressive - What is the name of the program and where can one buy it?

  3. Chris says:

    Very interesting thank you. What is the name of the program that does this resizing?

  4. Patrick Burt says:

    That is absolutely incredible. That is all.

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