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Nuts and Shots - New Photography Book with a Chance to Win a FREE DSLR

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Nuts and Shots is the brand new photography book from the amazing people at Digital Photography School. It's an incredible read! And for only US$14.99 for the first two weeks, it's also a steal.

I don't often review books on my Digital Photo Secrets site because, honestly, most of the ebooks on the Internet are awful. This ebook is way different. It's packed full of seriously good techniques and tricks to help your photography in almost every situation.

It's a must-read for anyone who wants to take more expressive and heart-warming photos that truly connect with the viewer because it concentrates on the techniques for making those types of photos happen.

Vivid Examples

The thing that struck me about this ebook is the exceptional examples given throughout. An expressive art like photography can't just be taught with words. You need to see examples of what's being talked about, as well as when things don't do so well. Almost every single page of this 110 page ebook has examples that show you how it's done.

The page above is a classic example. When talking about composition techniques, 4 images show you the four different types of lines and how they can be used to enhance your photography.

Perfect Topics

Nuts and Shots discusses the most common elements to gorgeous shots such as the quality of light (including how lighting affects the mood of the photo), composition tricks, practical exposure tactics. And my favorite - how to take all your new-found knowledge on the road.

There are even sections dedicated to getting the sharpest image possible - a very handy remedy for blurry images that are unfortunately too common these days.

There's enough content in each section to provide a solid grounding in each technique. But it never gets too technical or too vague.

My Take

I highly recommend this ebook. It's comprehensive and it will improve your photography almost immediately.

New to photography? Or want to know what those fancy settings on your camera do? This is the perfect ebook for you. It teaches solid techniques like how changing the aperture and shutter speed affects your image as well as tricks like using composition to add that extra pizazz.

Are you already aware of most of the settings on your camera but want to know what the next step is? This ebook will tell you. It teaches you to appreciate the moments and how to be creative.

If you've learned a lot from my own photographic tips, then you'll absolutely benefit from the techniques in Nuts and Shots.

If you're looking to take brilliant shots, check it out.

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