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Smile Shutter makes smiles easy

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It's no longer a case of saying "One, Two, Three, Smile" then taking the photo. Instead you can press the "Smile Shutter", and your camera will automatically take the photo when your subjects smile!

Smile Shutter is Sony's new add-on to the Face Recognition technology added in the past year by a number of camera manufacturers. As well as finding faces in your photos, this new feature (available initially with the DSC-T200 and DSC-T70 models) will watch for your subjects to smile and take the shot.

As with all new technologies, I'm not sure it's ready for prime time yet. The USA Today review noted that while it worked most of the time, it missed a few opportunities, and was only able to recognise a smile in only one face in a group shot.

Still, expect this invention to appear in lots more cameras next year.

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