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Kodak will add GPS to camera range by 2009

by David Peterson 4 comments

Kodak will include GPS in it's camera range starting in 2009. GPS (the Global Positioning System) shows you where you are in the world by checking with satellites orbiting above us.

The location information will be stored in the EXIF information of the image, and will be able to be retrieved using common software.

I have a feeling this feature will become very popular in future years as consumers discover the benefits of knowing where a photo was taken. Just think about it - no more "Was this photo taken on the Greek Islands, or Italy?". You'll know exactly where (and when) a photo was taken.

Location information embedded into photos isn't new though. Millions of photos on flickr are now tagged with the place they were taken. In fact, this data is used by FlickrVision to show a world map and photo slideshow.

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  1. Nevea says:

    And I was just wdnoering about that too!

  2. Roger Boeken says:

    one remark however :
    position alone is not enough, there should also be direction information (compas) and preferably tilt information. The subject of the photo is often at great distance of the photographer and when you take a picture of a building or landscape this is not located where the photograper stands..
    So GPS tell you only where you were standing not where the subject of the picture is located. Discussions of what moutain, building is visible on the picture still exist.
    Such camera's exist (even with distance measurement!) but not yet for consumer market. However look also at ricoh (500SE) and nikon (P6000).

  3. bred says:

    i say one thing

  4. lola says:

    great work man thx

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