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Captivating Color

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Color is insanely important when taking digital photographs. I'd go as far as to say that photos taken ignoring color and color balance will never reach their full potential. Once you know how to manage color in your photos, however, your photos will become simply stunning.

That's why I'm pleased to announce the newest ebook from Digital Photography School called Captivating Color. It’s an essential read and at under $20, it's one of the must-have photography purchases this year.

Those of you who have been following me for a while know I don’t often review books on my Digital Photo Secrets site because most of what's out there is awful. This ebook, like their others, is a delightful exception.

Captivating Color shows you how to see color - and use it to create stunning photographs. For example, did you know that light and color work together, or that you can use color to 'tell' your viewer where to focus their attention?

Powerful Color

Knowledgeable use of color is the most powerful way to grab the viewer's attention. And this ebook gives you that knowledge. The ebook starts by giving you a groundwork on the basics of using color; It's emotional impact; How to 'speak' with color; visual weight and the power of color. The ebook then shows how you can control color in your images by watching the direction of light, knowing the difference between light and color, and the different color sources possible in our world.

Captivating Color is punctuated througout with stunning photos that act as examples for each topic and as springboards for your own imagination. Here's a page showing some examples of indoor light sources:

Color for Visual Impact

Color is absolutely vital to ensure you give your image maximum visual impact. And Captivating Color not only shows you how to do this while you are taking the photo, but how to manipulate your shot afterwards to emphasize what YOU want your viewer to see. This is explained in the last section of the ebook.

Here's an example from this section of the ebook that stood out for me. This original photo below shows a house in the countryside standing amidst rolling hills on a magical, exciting, sunny, yet foggy morning. Now, there's nothing wrong with the photo, but there's also nothing that makes the image stand out either. The author said that the photo didn't convey the special feeling he saw in the scene when he was photographing it.

Here's where the magic happens. Each of the areas labeled 1-3 in the photo were modified slightly to either improve saturation, contrast, or color balance to result in the below photo:

Compare the two images. The house is now the first thing I look at, and the extra color in the fog and on the hills make this photo pretty powerful. Knowing how to manipulate color like this in your images will make a tremendous difference in your own photography. Think of all those 'boring' landscapes you can spruce up. And that's just one example!

My Take

I highly recommend this ebook. It’s an expansive tutorial with plenty of 'tips and tricks' from a pro photographer and stunning example photos.

New to photography? You'll love this book as it teaches the basics of using color in photos and will allow you to start improving on your photos immediately.

Advanced photographer? You'll probably know most of these techniques already. It might be useful if you need some examples of photos taken by a pro as inspiration.

If you’re looking for what might be missing in your own photos, it could be color. This ebook will give you an substantial knowledge on the topic and will undoubtedly increase the quality of your photos immediately.

Captivating Color is available for a limited time for US$19.99 at Digital Photography School.

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