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Why The Recent Lack Of Updates?

by David Peterson 237 comments

Many of you have been emailling me asking why I haven't posted any new tips (particularly in my image editing series) recently.

Want to know why?

Since May, I've had a rather debilitating illness called Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome. It's like Chronic Fatigue, but I haven't had it for long enough for it to be called that. On top of that, the virus that started it also made me sensitive to Fructose (Fructose Malabsorbtion). As a result, I can no longer have wheat or some fruit.

But the biggest problem has been the tiredness. I haven't been in to work in over 2 months, and still can't do a full day at work. So, rather than each photo newsletter taking an afternoon to write and send, it now takes me a few days.

I'm still not completely recovered yet, but am slowly improving each day. Because CFS is a disease of exclusion, the doctors had to run all kinds of tests to ensure it wasn't anything more serious. And although I'm really glad in my case it's not, I also know there are a number of my subscribers (and others in the world) that are less fortunate than me. My thoughts go out to all subscribers with health issues. Let's all get well together!

I'm not saying this to get sympathy (because I know all my subscribers will wish me well), but more to explain the recent lack of updates and delays in answering my email.

But some support by purchasing one of my products would also help :-)

If you'd like to send your 'get well wish', please do so in the comments below, and not by email. Thanks.


  1. Cindy says:

    Do hope you are well now, David. Stay well, God Bless

  2. Ed V says:

    Like many of your well wishers, I want to wish you all that is good..You have done a tremendous service to all of us who have read your tips..I for one just want to say thank you oh so kindly for your tips and genuine interest..

    Our world is a better place for people such as you.....

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. You definitely will make it..

    take care

    Ed Vincent- Harcourt, Newfoundland, Canada

  3. Joe Livingston says:

    Some how God must have brought me to this site. I typed in digital photo data recovery and this site came up. I too suffer severely from CFS artritis and FM. I went on a trip that I assumed would be my last to Montana to hunt waterfowl. I had two people join me that contacted me through my website. They ended up being UNDERCOVER GAME WARDENS and tried to build a case against me thinking that I was an unlicensed outfitter. Bottom line is that they were crooked as hell and deleted pictures on my digital camera as proof that they were lying. I have to recover the pictures which I know can be done, but I really need the date and time that the pictures were deleted as some proof that they did it. I have learned by the way that FM is much better when I am stress free. I am sure you can imagine how I feel right now. Can you give me direction on getting full recovery of data from my digital camera? Please help if you can.

  4. jazzin says:

    i simply love this forum dp. many prayers sent your way.


    Hey David,
    I never knew all this while cos i was abroad to supervise a project, being out of phase with you.
    I don't care what the name is, what i care about is that Jesus Christ has healed you already.Believe it and see what the Good Lord has done for you.I also wish you sound Recovery and i just do miss your forum but i belive we just started and we're taking the world of Photography with Your Amazing tips.You are just Great

  6. Geena says:

    Hello David! I wish you well and hope you will have your full recovery..Thank you that inspite of your health concerns, you are still able to share your talent and expertise.

  7. Terence says:

    i really hope u r well and please teach me a deaf student like me. because of you, i bought a second hand canon 300D in hope I can score a distinction in my digital project for you.

  8. Sandy says:

    Hope you get well soon. Take it easy, rest and go take a few photos "Very relaxing".....

  9. Tharakesh says:

    GOD bless you.GET well soon

  10. Tasneem says:

    Hi David,

    I have never written to you, but I have always appreciated the invaluable information you take the time to share.

    I feel like I know you personally, and I really feel bad that you can't enjoy some of the things you took for granted not so long ago.

    Anyway, life has to go on, and I can see you're the kind of person who takes it by the horns and enjoys it to the fullest.

    Be well, be happy, all the best.

    Taz xx

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