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Click! How To Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Kids

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Everyone loves photos of kids! It's great to capture their many expressions as they learn about the world (or just when they're being goofy). As kids are usually very photogenic, it doesn't take much effort to take great shots that create a record to look back on as they grow up. However, kids also have a mind of their own and are prone to tantrums whenever the camera comes out. Most parents give up and end up with very few photos of their kids. Or if they persist, the shots look posed and don't reflect the children's growing personality.

Darren Rowse from Digital Photography School realised this and has created a brand new ebook along with professional child photographer Rachel Devine that shows everyone how easy it can be to take gorgeous and meaningful photos of kids. And gives some essential tips to turn around the tantrums and make photographing a fun activity for all.

Click! How To Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Kids

Click! How To Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Kids is an ebook for parents (or grandparents) who want to be able to take meaningful photos of their own children with minimal fuss and maximum impact. It's also a great ebook for anyone who would like to know how best to work with kids to make your shots interesting, fulfilling and fun.

It gives you the techniques to create not only beautiful shots of children, but also tell the stories that reflect their lives.
Click! How To Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Kids is available now from Digital Photography School.

Want my take? See end of this article.

Think, Prepare, Smile!

The ebook is jam packed with goodness. 100 full color pages split into 7 separate sections that each focus on an important aspect of kid photography. Every single page is covered with gorgeous example photos that not only help explain the techniques, but give you some excellent ideas for your own shots. I counted over 180 example images in the book.

Think - Don't just 'spray and prey' taking hundreds of images hoping that one will be good. This section shows you what to consider when planning your shoot (even when the shoot is something as simple as taking your camera to the park with your kids), what shots to take, and that the perfect shot can come at any time.

Prepare - How to beautifully and expertly compose your shots. This section takes you through composition techniques common to all subjects like watching your environment, using juxtaposition, framing, and watching color and angles. There's also a fantastic section on lighting - arguably the most important part of every shot - all with full color examples of each technique.

Smile - Tips and Tricks on working with kids. This is the section I mentioned above and contains some brilliant tips on making sure your kids are involved and love being photographed all the time. In fact, with these techniques, you can easily take a shot a day for a whole year and your kids will never get bored of it.
The Smile section additionally covers tricks for working with kids in each age group - babies, little kids and tweens. And how to work with the common personality traits: Sky kids; Goofball kids; and (my favourite), the "Absolutely not having it no way you can make me" kids. This section alone is worth the cost of the book for me. Never have the 'photo battle' with your kids again!

Refine - Workflow once you have taken the shots. How to know which photos are great, and which ones you can delete. There are also basic editing techniques for adjusting brightness, color and contrast and a section on removing imperfections or spots in your photos. Finally, there's some information on how to 'publish' your photos - either on a print, or sharing with your friends.

Research - This section shows you the different ways that kids can be photographed to keep interest alive. There's a lovely section on the traditional portrait photography style as well as more out-there styles like lifestyle photography, modern art photography and 'toy camera' photography.

Push - The push section is one of the best. Once you master the basic techniques of photographing children, you'll be fine. However, there's a temptation to play safe and keep shooting the same stuff over and over again. But then it becomes boring. This section gives you some new concepts to keep your interest fresh. Ideas like 'Portraying a child... without the child' help you to continue to push the boundary. They not only keep photography fun and interesting for both you and the child, but also add some great depth to your photographs.

Look - Look provides case studies and example photos from five other child photographers. These portray slightly different styles, and gives extra tips and techniques from others who have created some spectacular images of their (and others) kids.

My Take

Overall, Click! is a well written ebook with sound techniques and loads of excellent examples. It doesn't get into complex technical explanations, but instead focuses on getting your kids in the best location and frame of mind for that special shot.

If you are a parent or a grandparent looking to take better shots of your kids, or wanting them to cooperate more when you are taking photos, then there's no better resource than this book. Seriously. Go grab your copy now.

However, if kids aren't part of your life, then I would give this ebook a miss. While it does contain general composition and lighting tips, that's not the focus of the ebook so it doesn't go into a lot of detail.

Personally, I can't wait to use some of the techniques I have picked up from reading this ebook on my nephews the next time I see them. They won't know what hit them!

Click! How To Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Kids is available now from Digital Photography School.

Note: Click! is only available as an e-book directly downloadable and readable on your computer. There is no printed edition available (as it would increase the price too much) but you are free to print the ebook on your own printer.

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