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Fast Photo Tips - New Digital Photo Secrets Product Available Now

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Recently I passed 300 photography articles here on Digital Photo Secrets. When you add them all up, that's about 200,000 words of photographic goodness! The average non-fiction book is around 50,000 words, so I've written the equivalent of 4 whole books!

Recently, as more newcomers have arrived, folks have been asking me if I had anything that wrapped up all my photography posts in a convenient form for reading. “Hmm” I thought, “I should really have that.” Particularly, as newer readers won't go back and see most of it.

So I've dusted out the word processor and have compiled, organised, and classified the 'best of' articles from my tips over the last 6 years.

"Fast Photography Tips"

The finished ebooks are called "Fast Photography Tips" and contain over 700 pages of killer photography tips, experiences, stories and real life application of photographic principles that are an absolute imperative for anyone looking to improve their photography – or just to know how to work their camera.

I say ebooks because there was too much information to fit into just one ebook. Here's what's inside:

Book 1 – Photography Ideas and Basics

Book 1 is 227 pages and contains 62 articles and concentrates on the basics of creating great photos. We cover the 'must know' information about cameras like using scene modes, as well as how Aperture, Shutter Speed, Lighting and ISO work together to enhance your image. Photography is much more than how to use your camera, however. So I've included articles that help you experiment to find that special look, angle, or composition for your image, plus lots of information to get your brain whirring with new photographic possibilities!

Book 2 – In-depth On Your Camera's Settings

In Book 2 (228 pages), we delve a little deeper and show you some of the more advanced things your camera can do (focal lock, P mode, white balance, common shutter speeds, metering modes, and more). We cover lenses, flashes, what accessories you should be using (and which you can ignore), and your rights as a photographer. We also show you how to take stunning night shots, give tips on taking shots of fireworks, the moon, and getting those great 'light trails'. You'll also learn how to take superb photos while away from home (and how to send them home to your family). Finally, a section I'm especially proud of: how to give and (and receive) criticism of your photos – a must for improving your photos.

Book 3 – Specific Situations and Photo Sharing

This last book has 72 articles (260 pages) concentrating on photographing specific situations, and sharing your photos with others. Ever find yourself wanting to take a photo of your family, but don't know what settings to use for that perfect shot? What about at a friend's wedding, of a pretty flower you've seen, or of a gorgeous sunset? We've got you covered. (In fact, there's a whole section of sunsets).

Also covered is how to get that 'artistic flare' with your images including how to use "selective coloring" (where one part of the image is in color, and the rest is in black and white). We also have a huge section on taking photos with water – waterfalls, underwater and wet weather all included!

When you want to share your photos, we have tips on that too from making sure your products look best on EBay, to the correct quality setting and image size to use when sharing your photos with friends.

Who these ebooks are for

If you own a camera, and want to make sure your photos are the ones that stay on the mantelpiece (and not placed in the shoe box and forgotten) then these ebooks were created for you. There's no complicated technical terms. No fluff. Just solid information that you'll refer back to time and time again.

For those of you that have been a subscriber to my newsletter for a while now, you’ll see many articles you’ve already read. You’ll also see many articles you missed. But because every article is separated and the eBook is well organized, it will be easy for you to jump around and find only the information you’re looking for.

This Stuff Will Supercharge Your Photography

Here is the deal folks: These tips will change your photography... drastically. Success is within each and every one of us. It just takes a little reading of the right knowledge. And this 'best of' set of ebooks is exactly that. Do yourself a favor and jump on board. Apply the simple techniques. And watch the magic happen.

Fast Photography Tips is a free bonus you receive with the Deluxe edition of my Video Course. Purchase here.

Yours in Photography,

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