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An Interview With Amy Renfrey

by David Peterson 5 comments

Recently I sat down with pro photographer Amy Renfrey of the Focus ezine. She's just returned from a vacation and shared some of the photos she took with me. And I tell you what, she took some really stunning shots! What's even better is I was able to ask her a whole lot of questions about HOW she took her shots. I recorded it all. So you can gain the benefits of her wisdom too.

Below, you'll find the video from our interview. It's just over 1 hour long and is jam packed with a massive amount of information straight from the mouth of a pro photographer. It's my first full-video production - so you get to see as well as hear Amy and myself, as well as see her gorgeous photos. And best of all, it's completely free.

What You'll Learn

Here's a small fraction of the wealth of information Amy discloses in the video:

  • How to choose the right time and scenery for sunset photos
  • How filters can enhance your photography
  • Why using a foreground subject can enhance the shot
  • What weather to pray for when taking wedding shots (NOT a bright sunny day!)
  • The difference one second can make...
  • Black and White vs Sepia vs Color - where to use each style
  • Stitching photos together to create a 'landscape' that's not a landscape
  • How to take beautiful photos of waterfalls
  • Finding the best vantage points to photograph from
  • Close up photography
  • Looking for color contrasts to enhance your image
  • And much, much more!

Click below to watch the video, and watch a pro dissect their best work!


  1. Elzzup says:

    It worked for me on my computer. If u r trying to access via the iPad there mayb an issue. I couldnt get it to run thru the iPad. Good luck

  2. vijayakumar says:

    never able to access the video. It lead me to this page.

  3. Dawn says:

    I just clicked on the button with an arrow displayed on the centre of the video screen in between the words "Digital photo secrets" " with David Peterson and Amy Renfrey, and the video started to load. It downloaded fine for me too.?

    My advice is persevere, it is a great video , and worth the effort.

    Thank you David and Amy! I am enjoying it! still have loads to watch!

    Hope you can get it sorted Sarachandra and Vickie.

  4. Sharatchandra says:

    I tried accessing it but was not successful! How do I access it?

  5. Vickie says:

    Maybe it is a good video, if you an access it. Have tried a few times and wont work. Maybe I am doing something wrong

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