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Photography Inspirations

by David Peterson 5 comments

As photographers, we're inspired by other photographers and even artists. We can't help but look at, and even analyze, other photographer's works. One popular place that's like window shopping for photographs is Flickr. It's a great place to share your own work and to comment on other photographer's images. But, most importantly to be inspired.
I've selected 10 great photographers from Flickr who are worth following. By listing these 10 photographers, I hope they motivate and challenge you to keep shooting your best.

1. Trey Ratcliff of Stuck in Customs

Sandstorm at Burning Man by Trey Ratcliff

Trey is known for his HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography and his world-wide PhotoWalks (where he meets groups of people and they walk together and take pictures). His website, Stuck in Customs, has great HDR tutorials and information. Trey is one of the most giving photographers out there in that between his PhotoWalks, newsletters, and social media presence, he's very much in touch with and teaching his followers. Because he travels world-wide and almost non-stop, from California to Australia and most places in between, you never know where Trey's next image will be from, but you can be sure it'll be spectacular.

2. Colin Hutton

Phidippus mystaceus by Colin Hutton

Colin Hutton's macro photography will make your jaw drop. Bugs and insects so up close and personal makes you realize just how complex those little creatures are! The bright colors of both his subjects and their background enhance the viewing experience. The details of each hair, eye, wing, and leaf or petal is so finite and astonishing you'll find yourself striving to match it. Colin has been a member since 2010 and is certainly worth checking out.

3. Andy Crutt

A Lovely Evening by Andy Crutt

Ranked as one of Flickr's most popular photographers, Andy Crutt is known for beautiful black and whites, international images, and a sense of surreal peace. His use of shutter speed to create dreamlike effects will have you guessing at how he did it and then trying it yourself. Andy has only been a Flickr member since February, 2011, but he's already left a huge footprint on Flickr.

4. Robban G

Taking The Waves by Robban G

Also new, but making a statement on Flickr is Rabban G's photography. His images are regularly featured and high ranking. He regularly receives at least a few dozen comments per image, which is impressive. And he captures many genres, including landscape, nature, macro, and some cool, funky and random things. So, there's something to enthuse everyone.

5. Louise Denton

Untitled by Louise Denton

Take my word for it and stop by Louise Denton's photostream. She showcases exquisite landscape and human interest images that will make you look at certain things differently. There's a clarity and crispness to her images that we all strive for and that will certainly inspire you to up your game. What's great about Louise's work is that it's simple in its processing so that you are more likely inspired to shoot like her. Yet, she's very creative in content and approach, which will encourage you to think outside your own box and delve deeper with each image.

6. Angiel

Untitled by Andiel

Similar to Louise Denton, Angiel captures clean, crisp and pure images, but with a unique style. Specializing in children, her images take family pictures to an entirely new level. With tricky lighting, such as at a beach, she masters her lens and camera tactfully. Creative in her composition, some of her images will make you smile and others will make you think, "I want to try that!"

7. December's Sun

The Soul Of The Kitchen by December's Sun

December's Sun can take a simple thing, such as a bike or a bench, and make it interesting, whereas for most people it would just look like a bike or a bench! It goes to show you that it's all about composition and lighting. A bench at high noon will not be the same looking bench at 5 p.m. From a steaming coffee mug to a window to a pinecone, there are more than enough images as examples. Some photographers like to do a lot of self-portraits, and December's Sun does this, but she has plenty of other interesting images to make her work worth following. In fact, she might inspire you to turn the camera on yourself once in a while.

8. MichelleSimonJada (Simon Lee)

Waiting For A Ride by Simon Lee

A member since 2005, Simon specializes in street photography. Though most of his shots are captured in Tokyo and Hong Kong, they'll grab the attention of anyone who wants to try a hand at street photography, which can be intimidating for shy folks.

Black and white is Simon's strong suit, and it works well with what he does. In this age of technology and bright colors to excite, it's a refreshing change of pace to see his black and whites.

9. Jessica Trinh aka "Sprinkle Happiness"

Waiting 39/52 by Jessica Trinh

Jessica Trihn is an up and coming 17 year old photographer who specializes in dogs. Her following on Flickr is rapidly growing because she has a generous spirit and innocent, yet very creative, approach to her craft. Certainly young photographers today have it much different than the older generation photographers. No more filling trays with chemicals; instead there's Lightroom and Photoshop. Film is foreign to most kids starting out today; instead, they can shoot thousands of pictures in digital. But, that said, creative images such as Jessica's certainly showcase her talent, vision, and passion for photography. It's a new arena, and she's certainly playing in it at the pro level.

10. Jeff Damron

Tracks and Morning Glories by Jeff Damron

Jeff Damron's images are primarily of train tracks and are mostly done in black and white or simple colored backgrounds with a color that pops. He's been a Flickr member since 2007 and you know right away what his specialty is. Jeff will encourage you to consider a niche. Something that you're known for so when people see your work they'll recognize it instantly as yours. While trains are a very specific niche, at least narrowing down to extreme sports, portraits, or landscape would be a niche.

If you don't have a Flickr account, it's easy to set one up and start uploading and sharing your own images. And I even provide a video walkthrough of setting up a Flickr account as a free bonus with my Digital Photo Secrets book. Who knows? Maybe one day you'll be listed as a Flickr Top 10!

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  1. Steve Martin says:

    Hi David,

    I came accross your site sometime ago and as I was interested in Photography the easyway I registered for your newsletter, I'm not really a photographer as I never took the time to learn all the technical jargon about what can be acheived, I just put the camera on "AUTO" and pushed the button. But with the help of your newsletters and another photographer by the name of Karl Taylor from the UK I've acheived a new respect for what I use to take for granted so I thank you for not forgetting that not everyone is a photographer who understands what your saying and putting your explinations in an understandable language.
    "Well Done."

  2. Tommy Henwood says:

    Wow David
    All you do is set the target to an achievable height, I have been following your site for some time now and you have taught me to delete and push on to a higher goal.
    These photos are very motivating thanks for the page.
    Have a good day

  3. non violent communication skills says:

    A lot of thanks for all of the effort on this site. Ellie take interest in engaging in internet research and
    it's easy to see why. Many of us hear all about the dynamic form you present great tricks via the website and in addition welcome participation from other individuals on this concern while our girl is certainly discovering a lot. Have fun with the rest of the year. You're the one doing a
    brilliant job.

  4. David Peterson says:

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the extra links to photographers on Flickr. I agree it's a fantastic platform for sharing and inspiration. And thanks for being willing to upload your photos so others can learn from you!


  5. Simon Lee says:

    Thank David. I sort of stumble into this page and surprisingly saw my name in the list. So many photographers inspired me over the years through their flickr nice to see i can inspire others as well, but more importantly, i just want to see everyone continue to share and learn from each other. Flickr is a beautiful platform.

    Here's a few great photographers that i love that are active on flickr....
    check them out and pls also check my flickr favorites page....there are just too many to mention.

    not to mention my two favorites:

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